Company Profile

Davis Clipper

On January 19, 1893, the Salt Lake Beobachter, a Salt Lake City newspaper, asked if Davis County had had an earthquake or if the editor of the Clipper was celebrating New Years. John Stahle, editor of the Clipper, responded in his paper, “In looking over the number alluded to by the Beobachterman, I find the ads are alright except the cradle ad, which is upside down, thereby spilling the baby. I will just say that we have had no earthquakes or no drunken editors in this locality. I would ask the Beobachterman not to be too severe with me, as I do not think bachelors are expected to know all about babies.” John Stahle’s grandson, R. Gail Stahle, continues as the Clipper’s publisher today.

The focus of the Davis Clipper is to provide quality news specific to south Davis County and their surrounding communities.

The Davis Clipper is distributed to over 13,000 households and placed in various racks in Davis County, Utah.