CYCLOPS: Conservatism works if principles applied correctly

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There are many readers who feel this column should reflect a more conservative slant. OK, this week’s column is for you, showing how a more conservative nature can solve several recent challenges (for better or worse). Let’s start off with an assault at a Utah high school. A senior at the school claims he was approached by another student at a school dance where he was shoved, spat upon, and called a racially-charged slang term. The senior, a black minority student, then charged the alleged aggressor, a white student from a different school, and punched him. After interviewing the white student, an administrator and the school’s resource officer suspended the black student from school and was told he could face criminal charges. Since I wasn’t there, I have no idea of what really happened. But my conservative side tells me the National Rifle Association and Republican conservatives would have a ready answer. Under the “stand your ground” laws, the black student should not have struck the other boy. Instead, he just has to say he felt threatened, pulled out a gun, and shot him. Sounds shocking? Remember the Treyvon Martin case in Florida: You see a young black teen buying Skittles, you feel threatened since it’s dark, you get into a scuffle and shoot him. Case closed! And in Utah, it wouldn’t even matter if the black student had been intoxicated since Rep. Norm Thurston filed a bill saying guns can still be used in self-defense after a few beers and a few shots of Jack Daniels. And here is another conservative approach. A legislator from Syracuse, Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, has proposed an abortion ban which the Legislature’s own attorneys say “has a high probability of being declared unconstitutional.” My conservative nature has a solution. Conservatives incessantly talk about “accountability,” so I would offer this challenge to Rep. Lisonbee. She should be accountable for her bill and the cost to the taxpayers. I will support her legislation if she and her husband put up their home, vehicles, and any investment funds as collateral for the coming lawsuit. In this manner, she will have “skin in the game” (another frequent cry coming from the conservative camp). If Rep. Lisonbee doesn’t win in the courts, she and her family will be held accountable, rather than putting the rest of the taxpayers at risk. My conservative solution to the abortion ban falls right in line with the words of another great conservative. Ronald Reagan said, “Someone must stand up to those who say ‘Here’s the key; there is the treasury; just take as many of those hard-earned tax dollars as you want’.” Conservatism works when its principles are applied correctly. Now if we can just find a conservative way to make desserts healthy and get more self-respecting women on The Bachelor.


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