Fruit Heights mayor makes communication a priority

by Louise R. SHAW

FRUIT HEIGHTS—In his day job, John Pohlman works to help businesses and municipalities run more efficiently.

He’ll use that expertise after hours as well, when he steps into the position of mayor of Fruit Heights, a role he was elected to fill in the November balloting.

Pohlman has lived in Fruit Heights for about three years, living previously in Salt Lake City.

He is married and has two daughters and two sons between the ages of nine and one.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Utah and an MBA from Westminster College and is employed in the business consulting department of Tanner LLC.

It was when the Utah Department of Transportation proposed changes to Highway 89 that Pohlman started getting involved in the community, an interest that would lead to his run for mayor.

“I didn’t feel like the city was representing us,” he said. “It is not my sole platform but it was one of the catalysts.”

As he spoke with residents, government leaders and UDOT officials about the plan, he realized the value of communicating and the need to listen more.

His wife, April, encouraged him to get even more involved.

“She is really supportive,” he said. “She is a really good person and provided a lot of support.”

In the process of working on the issue and running for office, he knocked on “a few hundred doors” to ask what residents wanted and to listen.

“It was a different type of campaign,” he said, and a successful one. Pohlman garnered 1,054 votes to incumbent mayor Don Carroll’s 655.

“Change and an outside perspective can always help,” said Pohlman. “Our city is doing a decent job, but I want to make some small changes in ways we interact with residents and ways we communicate, and I want to develop a strategic planning process to look at things we can do.”

Pohlman looks forward to working with city staff: “I really like Brandon (Green) and think we can work very well together,” he said. “He’s been there a while and I appreciate all the knowledge he has and the things he does.”

He has also met with Katie Witt, the newly elected mayor of Kaysville: “I am very impressed with her and feel we will work very well together,” he said. “Cultivating a strong relationship with Kaysville will be beneficial to Fruit Heights.”   

Fruit Heights is run “very well,” he said. “We have a small budget so there’s not a ton that can be changed, but we can connect with residents more efficiently and show true compassion and understanding and work together as a community to solve the challenges and issues that may come up.”


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