Imaginations take flight at Harry Potter Night

By Louise R. SHAW BOUNTIFUL—This was not a night for sitting alone with a book in a quiet nook of the library. This was a night filled with crowds of book lovers who descended on the library to make wands and hear stories and get treats and take obstacle courses through the aisles. It was Harry Potter Night at the Bountiful/South Branch Library of the Davis County library system and hundreds of Harry Potter readers (both children and their parents) descended on the library to celebrate. Similar events were held at the Central and North branches as well. Children’s librarian Laurel Pedersen helped children select candy as they moved from decorating wands and crafting book marks to hearing stories. “We had enough wands for 500,” she said, “but we had to get more. There might be more like 800 children here.” Pedersen pointed to her “mischief managed” button and said it’s her motto. “We love it,” she said of the bustle. Children sported round glasses with lightning scars drawn on their foreheads. They wore long robes and the scarves of Griffindor and other houses. “I’ve read the books seven times,” said Olivia, who attended the special event with three friends, each of whom could relate to a character in the books – Ginny, Hermione or Luna. A jar of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans sat on the counter at the information desk. Another labeled Polyjuice Potion and still more marked Unicorn Horn and Mandrake Clippings sat just next to the catalog computer. Librarians had grey wigs and black hats, the entry door was marked “Platform 9 ¾” and posters and bulletin boards celebrated all things Harry Potter. It was a night the library was transformed. And nobody ever said “shhhh.”


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