Jeep Posse is all about service

By Becky GINOS BOUNTIFUL—The Bountiful Jeep Posse has been around since 1946. What started out as search and rescue has evolved into more of a service organization. “It was born out of necessity with the mountains in Davis County,” said Taylor McDonald, former commander and now secretary of the volunteer group. “But now we have the Davis County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue so we’re not needed for that, but we still assist with searches in Davis and Summit counties.” They focus more on emergency preparedness and civil and community service, said McDonald. “We have one big event to raise money and that’s the ham shoot the weekend before Easter,” he said. “We used those funds for sub for Santa before but my mom is involved with the pantry and she said the freezer was broken down. So this year we proposed to the membership to get a new freezer with the money.” McDonald and several other members presented the new reach in freezer to Bountiful Community Food Pantry Executive Director Lorna Koci last week. “The money was well spent on our part,” said McDonald. “We hope it goes a long way for them in the future. It seems to be the consensus among officers and members that this is a good way to utilize those funds. We plan to start purchasing big ticket items to donate each year that will go to serve the greater area.” The Jeep Posse is made up of every generation, said McDonald. “My family has all been involved since the 1960s,” he said. “Some have been members for more than 50 years. They’re all from Davis County and we have residents from all walks of life. They’re just people who want to serve the community.” He said they work closely with law enforcement to meet any of their needs as well as the community at large. “For emergency preparedness we can provide 200 people with three meals a day for three days at our facility.”


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