100th: Hicken

Dr. Lloyd R. Hicken

Celebrating 100 Years with Dr. Lloyd R. Hicken  

Born three months prematurely, April 1, 1918, on a small ranch in Alberta, Canada, no one would have guessed that the little bundle fighting for survival would outlive a century!  

Lloyd’s love for people is evident in the life he has led.  As a young man he served an LDS mission in Brazil, then served as a B-24 pilot in WWII.  He flew 27 combat missions.  Recently Lloyd gave a presentation at the Hill Aerospace Museum about his WWII experiences.  After the war he chose a profession of service as a family practitioner physician, scheduling life around thousands of baby deliveries.  His church service includes serving with his family in Brazil as a mission president, a Bountiful Temple sealer, and a patriarch.  He continues to give countless hours of service to his family and community.

But Lloyd’s work ethic doesn’t stop at service.  He spends many hours working hard on improving his mountain cabin, home and yard.  He pours himself into his personal study and continues to learn new things. In fact, he recently learned how to make rocking chairs.

Keeping active, he worked as a doctor until age 74, water skied until age 93, and still repaves his driveway every year.

The few times you will find him relaxing are when he’s listening to his music or fishing.  He has a quick smile, twinkle in his eyes, and a great love for life.

He was married to his devoted wife, Alice Richards Cannon, for 69 years before she passed away in 2015.  Among his five children, Kathy, Steve and Dave have also passed on.  However, he is still surrounded by his children Rob and Linda and all of his children’s spouses. His posterity includes 26 grandchildren, 66 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.

We invite friends to come celebrate with family at The Grand Ballroom, 165 S. Main, Bountiful, on March 30 from 6 to 8 p.m.  Your presence is present enough. No gifts please.


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