Gilbert Beckstead Birdsall


Gilbert Beckstead Birdsall passed away on June 11, 2018. He was born on December 11, 1955 to Ross and Delilah Birdsall and was the youngest of their four children. He was born and raised in Davis County. Gil loved playing sports and spending time with his cousins growing up, as they all lived near each other on Orchard Drive. At age 15, he won the Utah Junior Trapshooting Championship and he continued and excelled at trapshooting throughout his adult life. He enjoyed many other outdoor activities like gardening, fishing, and deer hunting. He also worked in the construction industry as a driver for over 45 years.

Gilbert married Jill who had two children, Landon and Kadee, and helped raise them like his own. He always supported them and loved going to all their school and sporting events. One of his greatest joys was his three grandchildren. Their fondest memories of him are having him cheer them on at soccer games, going to the park, playing cars, and tickle-wrestling. We will always remember Gil for his funny sayings, such as “slick as snot on a doorknob” and “good enough for the girls we go with.”

His life was cut short due to an addiction he struggled with later in life and we are comforted by the thought that he has now moved on to a better place. He is survived by his brother, Richard and sister, Candace. He is preceded in death by his parents and his brother, Joseph.


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