Joe Shannon Abel


Joe Shannon Abel passed away on March 10, 2018, with his loving wife and family at his side.  Joe was born Nov. 21, 1940, in Belzoni, Mississippi, to Morris Abel and LaPreal (Riddle) Abel.  He grew up in Logan, with his four brothers and three sisters.

Joe donated his body to the University of Utah for educational and scientific research.  His family and friends already know what the scientists find upon researching his body.  When they look at his brain, they will discover his knowledge from life, working at Mountain Bell, his ability to fix anything, but most of all his common sense because his advice was priceless.  They will also find that he had a brilliant sense of humor and the ability to make others laugh.  When they look at his eyes they will find his view of the world, seeing the best in everyone, and his love of nature.  When they look at his vocal chords they will find his kind words, the voice of reason, and his straightforward way and the occasional curse word.  When they look at his heart they will see that it is full of unconditional  love and great compassion.  They will see his love for his wife and children who held a special place in his heart. His family had his heart no doubt.  When they look at his muscles, they will see that they were strong and agile from his time as a basketball and football player at Logan High School and his time remodeling his home and tinkering in the garage.  When they look at his shoulders they will see that they are strong from carrying everyone’s burdens, but always willing to help with whatever it took.  When they look at his hands they were tender while holding his wife as they danced. Also callused from his years of playing the guitar and banjo. How he loved learning, singing, and entertaining.  When they research his arms they will find the tattoos that he got while serving three years, nine months and 27 days in the Navy.  He always regretted those tattoos! Donating his body was his last charitable act.

He was greeted by his parents, brothers, Dave, Randy, Ricky, Mike, and brother-in-law Doug. And those of us that are still here will miss him greatly: his wife of 53 years, Dauneen Vella Abel; his children Tiffany (Todd), Joe, Kristine (Bret), and Jennifer (John);  his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren; sisters and his friends (too many to list). The memories we made with him will never be forgotten.  Camping singing, laughing and loving.  Go fishing Dad — love forever.  A celebration of his life will be held at a later date.


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