Louise Garrett

Happy 80th birthday Louise…the spotlight is on you.

Born Feb. 20, 1938 to Orval and Sally Leak. You’ve been a strong, lovely lady who has worked hard your while life. She raised three children on her own, worked 53 years as a hair stylist, loved her clients who became her dearest friends.

Owning a duplex home challenged her to learn every aspect of home ownership and renting full-time. Repair work was non-stop. She is a woman of many talents, sewing, crocheting, growing vegetable, fruit and flower gardens. She made loving pets a, part of the family, horseback riding, taught herself the guitar and sang country hits. Louise’s life really blossomed when she took up brushes and paint. She was proud of her own art show with 30 paintings. Can’t forget her ballroom dancing.

Louise loves to socialize and has a fun sense of humor.

Her most treasured blessing above all else are her three wonderful children and three grandchildren.

She gives her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all credit for talents and any good she has done in her life.

Her whole family sends their love and best wishes. A dinner celebration will be held in her honor.


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