Lynn Richards

Born Feb. 29, Lynn Richards will soon celebrate his 90th birthday. He has had only 22 birthdays since he was born a leap year baby. Lynn practiced medicine with a specialty in anesthesiology. He practiced a total of 40 years at Salt Lake LDS Hospital and Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful.

Since retiring from practice he has served as a missionary in San Diego with his wife, Claire, who died shortly after serving together. Following his marriage to Beatrice Hawkes they served as missionaries in the  Asia North Area (Japan and Korea).

Since 2003 Lynn has been a volunteer in the LDS Missionary Department. He and his wife currently serve as ordinance workers in the Bountiful Temple (15 years). Lynn also serves as a physician at the Military Entrance Processing Station (10 years). Lynn has enjoyed a full life and wishes to express love and appreciation to all his family, friends and associates.


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