Something ‘fishy’ is going on

By Becky GINOS bginos@davisclipper.comKAYSVILLE—Students in Christie Pickett’s sixth-grade class at Kaysville Elementary are undertaking an unusual science project – raising trout. “We’re hatching rainbow trout eggs that we can release in Kaysville Pond in the spring,” said Pickett. “We got the eggs from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and they were delivered by Trout Unlimited.” It’s part of a new science curriculum and Pickett applied for a grant. “They provide the food and eggs for free,” she said. “We’ll be collecting data on how many are lost and how many hatch. We think there are about 200 eggs. They weigh them because you can’t exactly count that many. So far we’ve only lost about five or six and seven have already hatched.” Pickett said the kids have been really excited about the project. “One student said it’s more fun to learn science with hands on in the class,” she said. “They’ve got the vision already. So far it’s been a success.” The eggs are in an incubation basket and when they hatch a little egg sack is attached that the fish eventually absorb, said Pickett. “They should all hatch in the next five days and then we’ll start feeding them.” Most fish will grow to be about three inches long, which will make the 55-gallon aquarium a bit crowded. “In real life they wouldn’t all hatch,” said Pickett. “We expect some loss just like what would happen in the wild.” The children are split up into groups of four or five called “tank teams.” “Each week the team will look for dead eggs, check the temperature of the water, the pH and nitrate levels and change the water in the aquarium,” she said. “They will also record information in their fish journal. Each student will have several opportunities to be part of the tank team and monitor and record data. I’m hoping in the next week or so the kids can see them swimming to the top.” Although the aquarium is in Pickett’s classroom, she said students from other classes rotate in. “Everyone wants to take a peek.”



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