2018 Education Guide: Davis Tech student soars to success after losing business

Phillip Harmston was a finalist in Davis Tech’s Student of the Year competition.
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Phillip Harmston knew winter would be tough. He had moved to Salt Lake and was sleeping in his van, after the collapse of the business he had started with his brother in Roosevelt, Utah. Many who had means or ability offered little, but the most meaningful help came from people who had nothing. A recovering drug addict with a single room and little else offered Phillip a place to stay out of the cold.  Later help came from a complete stranger who provided a room and bed for free until Phillip could find a place for himself and his family to settle down.

“We have so much,” Phillip says, “even though we don’t think we do sometimes, and others get by on much less.”

Hoping to get back on his feet, Phillip enrolled at Davis Technical College (Davis Tech). Today, Phillip is enrolled concurrently at Davis Tech’s Electrician Apprentice program and Weber State University’s Electrical Engineering program. He was a finalist in Davis Tech’s Student of the Year competition, where he won a $750 scholarship. He maintains a 4.00 and 3.66 GPA and was recently promoted to electrical designer in his new job.  Phillip will represent Weber State in February on a team at the Associated Schools of Construction Regional Competition in Reno, Nev.

But Phillip hasn’t forgotten where he came from, or how quickly things can change.  That’s why Phillip is committed to helping others. He and his family visit the homeless and help people in need. Last summer, Phillip took his youngest son to an orphanage in Mexico, where they helped construct a home for a young family.

“When you’re down and out, the thing that will pick you up the fastest is when you go out and support other people,” Phillip says. “It’s a journey together. It’s not a journey alone.”

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