Make 2018 your year to hear

Harold Pergler


Well, this year it really hit home while conversing with family and friends over the holidays.  That “one thing” you’ve known you needed to address. You’ve had time to think about it, you’ve wondered what you should do about it, and now you’re wondering, “What’s next?”

It would seem that the most important times in life involve family, friends and close associates.  As we gather in groups whether large or small, we often find it much more challenging to understand conversation in the noisier environments.  A hearing loss can get in the way of our relationships, our job performances and our general health and well-being.  If you found yourself struggling to keep up on conversations over the recent holiday season, you were not along.

Important things we think you should know:

• Advances in technology have shown improvement in speech understanding by as much as 30 percent over just a few years ago. Hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of dementia.

• Even if you were fit for hearing devices just a few years ago, there are much more advanced options available now.

• Clients are being “overwhelmed” with the sound quality and the improvement in their hearing ability.

• Hearing loss can increase the risks of falls or other accidents.

• The effort we make to understand speech can be exhausting when a hearing loss is present and will literally wear you out faster.

Cochrane reviews are internationaly recognized as the highest standard I evidence-based health care resources.  A 2017 Cochrane review of hearing devices “shows that an objective, transparent and accountable review of evidence finds hearing aids are effective for mild and moderate hearing loss.” This is something most of us already knew but now there is evidence showing there is a life-changing impact for people wearing hearing devices.

The research states “People with a mild to moderate hearing loss will typically have difficulty hearing quiet sounds, keeping up with conversations, particularly in a noisy environment, and with a moderate hearing loss, will experience listening and communication difficulties in everyday surroundings.” This research clearly demonstrates hearing devices to be a vital intervention for those with a hearing loss.

With the technology now available, the hearing devices are helping to improve the quality of lives for many. Studies continue to show that people are hearing more clearly, with less effort and better comprehension with this groundbreaking technology.

Go after that New Year’s resolution this year.  If you have a hearing loss or know someone who does and you’d like to know more; if you’d like to hear how we can better a life, a relationship and even someone’s general health through better hearing, call your local audiologist today.


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