Pace's Dairy Ann located in Bountiful, UT
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Pace's Dairy Ann
Address: 1180 S 500 W
Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone: 801-295-5192
Mon-Sat 9am-10pm
Pace's Dairy Ann Inc  
Open since 1957 Paces has been a family favorite of Bountiful and Davis county. Come in and enjoy our famous ice cream, Astro pops and homemade Popsicles. This old fashioned drive Thru is home of much history of Utah come in and enjoy from a variety of different hot and cold items on our menu you will be pleased you did. We serve fries, malts, ice cream cones, hot dogs, coke, corn dogs and many other delicious food.

Great overall experience 5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended I've been eating at "Pace's" for my whole life--ever since I was a kid. My grandma and grandpa used to take me to get an astro bar when they would baby sit me and I've been going ever since. It's really a special place for me. The food is high quality, the workers do their best and the atmosphere is nostalgic. It's nice to know that there's still a place in town where you can go and eat food that wasn't cooked an hour before you actually ordered it. I always have a good experience. The employees have always done their best to work quickly and strike up a conversation--as long as it's not too busy of course. My favorite treat is the rainbow--especially the lime and peach flavors. I think the place has been around for about 50 years! They must be doing something right. I would recommend Pace's to anyone who wants a break from the automated fast food industry and wants to see how things were done back in the good old days--the right way.

-JerrySandrus. City 2008

I recently went to Paces Dairy Ann in Bountiful and was very taken back by the taste and quality of the food it tasted just like it did 25 years ago when I went there as a teenager!! I asked the owner Todd Pace how could he keep things the same all these years? Todd told me that he will not change or cheapen the quality of the food, things have gone up alot as far as food costs and all operating costs as well,but he said he would rather go out of business than cut the quality. Ive tried most everything on the menu and can recommend almost everything.The Country Boy with cheese, Onion Rings Shakes Rainbows and Tacos are some of my favorites,The place is clean and nostalgic and has that great home town feel.The service always seems to do there best.Paces has been open since 1957!! If you want good food come to Bountiful.

-Unknown- City

Pace's Dairy Ann Inc — Restaurant — Bountiful

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