Adams announces bid for Senate President

by Becky GINOS

LAYTON—Although the next legislative session is still a few months away, lawmakers are preparing for a change in leadership in both the House and Senate. A familiar face from Davis County has announced he will run for Senate President, a position left vacant by Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R, Sandy, who has decided not to run again.

Sen. Stuart Adams, R, Layton, who has been serving as Majority Whip, sent out a letter last week to his colleagues asking for their support.

“I’ve served in the Senate since 2009,” he said. “Since Sen. Niederhauser is not running again, several of my colleagues who have been serving with me encouraged me to run.”

Adams said Utah has a great economy and is recognized as the best managed state. “I believe I can make a difference,” said Adams. “I want to help maintain families and keep the economy strong. Everybody who comes here enjoys it. I want to maintain that quality of life.”

Legislators have a lot of issues they deal with, he said. “I believe that we can meet as a group and find consensus on goals. I want to reach out to each senator and find out what the priorities are for their constituents and focus on those.”

Water, infrastructure, education and tax reform are always topics that come before the legislature. “We need to look at policies,” said Adams. “We’re not going to accomplish everything in a short time but my overall goal is to move forward on education, air quality and strong economic growth. Transportation in Davis County needs attention too.”

The next step in the process is to determine who the elected senators are after the November election, Adams said. “Following that week we’ll meet as a majority caucus and have an election then. The leadership is elected by those senators.”

It’s three months away, but Adams said he announced his bid now to give a period of time for those running to be vetted. If selected, the appointment is for two years. Adams said other senate members have announced their intension to run for the other seats being vacated. As of now, Adams is the only contender for Senate President.

“I live in Layton but our focus is statewide,” said Adams. “The issues we deal with are not just for Davis County but the whole state. I want Utah to continue to be number one in the nation, a great spot to live, work and do business.”


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