Bridge opens in Layton

by Becky GINOS LAYTON—Getting from the west side to the east side of Layton just got easier. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) celebrated the opening of the new Midtown Crossing Bridge Monday connecting Main Street to Hill Field Road. The bridge extends 1300 North/1425 North over I-15 and stretches almost the length of a football field at 293 feet long. It is 53 feet wide and has a six-foot sidewalk to accommodate cyclists and walkers. “A lot of the time we’re replacing existing structures but this is brand new,” said UDOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras. “This will connect the city of Layton and help with the interchanges on both sides. There is very busy local traffic east to west. This is an exciting addition to transportation today. This will benefit the community for the next 75 years.” Projects already completed include extra lanes on Antelope Drive, ThrU Turns and the diverging diamond interchange. “They’ve made a measurable improvement and this (bridge) will too,” said Braceras. “We’ll be doing the conversion of US-89 and a big project with the West Davis Corridor all in the next few years. A lot is happening and there’s a lot more to come.” Construction on the bridge started in July 2017. “This is an example of collaboration,” said Braceras. “Nothing gets done by itself. We’ve been able to accomplish some big projects here in Layton that have made a difference.” Layton Mayor Bob Stevenson said when he was first elected he was approached by several residents about whether the ThrU Turns would work. “There’s no doubt how this has helped the area,” he said. “That was just the first project in what turned out to be a lot of money spent to better our community. We’re very appreciative.” Stevenson thanked local business owners for their patience. “We know you’ve dealt with a lot of dust from construction the last four years,” he said. “The support we’ve received is unreal. We look forward to having this baby open.” “Through a collaborative effort look what we’ve accomplished,” said Rep. Steve Handy, R-Layton. “The fire chief was telling me when he first started here people called this area the iron curtain. Now we can break the iron curtain, improve mobility and improve our quality of life.” Sen. Stuart Adams, R-Layton said people he talked to on the west side felt kind of trapped to get to the east side. “The money spent on infrastructure is almost equal to economic development,” he said. “I-15 is the backbone of economic development. This is a great day. Through innovative processes we can leave our kids and grandkids a better place to live.”l



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