Checketts hopes to make a difference in Woods Cross City


WOODS CROSS—There will be a new face on the Woods Cross City Council in January 2018. Julie Checketts won in the November election and she’s ready to serve.

“I’ve lived in Woods Cross for 15 years,” she said. “I started getting involved 11 years ago when my daughter was born. I realized things needed to be improved in the city like the contaminated wells and when they were trying to get a coke plant at Holly. Once I became a mom I knew I needed to fight for our kids and protect them.”

Checketts defeated incumbent Matt Terry who will remain on the council after being selected last week to fill a vacancy created when council member Jessica Gertsch moved from the city.

“I ran because I didn’t feel like I was being heard,” said Checketts. “I figured if I’m on the council they’ll have to listen to me.”

Her goal is to be more transparent with residents. “I want them to know what is going on and what’s facing the city,” she said. “I’d also like to live stream the council meetings so that people who can’t attend can still watch it. I feel like if we’re honest and have integrity in doing our position we will have nothing to hide.”

Other items she wants to address include employee morale and safety in the city. “It’s important that employees feel valued, not just those in higher positions but people in the field need to feel like they matter to the city as well,” said Checketts. “I want to see the safety in our city improve with updated computer equipment and security systems at the city buildings and see that the police department is supported.”

She hopes to manage growth and work with property owners to clean up some neighborhoods to make them more appealing as well. “I want to be a voice for the residents so if they have a concern or something is going on in their neighborhood I can work to get a solution or get them connected with the right people to follow up.”

Checketts and her husband have two children and own an auto repair shop in Bountiful. “The challenge I see coming is that people don’t like change, but I see we need to make some changes in the city,” she said. “I’m just really excited for the opportunity to serve the residents and give it my all. I’m so grateful they’re giving me a chance.”


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