Clipper earns accolades from UPA peers

by Louise R. SHAW

SALT LAKE CITY—Many of the stories, photos, layouts and ads that together make up the Davis Clipper were recognized by the Utah Press Association at an awards banquet on Saturday.

A steady stream of first, second and third place finishes were awarded to the staffs of the Clipper and Iron County Today, both weeklies owned by Gail Stahle.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized,” said Stahle. “It’s not me – it’s all the staff that does all the work.”

Tom Haraldsen, managing editor of both the Davis Clipper and Iron County Today, was thrilled with the awards and what they represent. Iron County Today, a weekly distributed in Cedar City, garnered the most points in the category and received the top honor in Utah for weekly papers: General Excellence.

“It really is a tribute to the dedication of everyone involved,” said Haraldsen of the awards.

“I’m happy we’ve been able to continue the Clipper’s tradition of fine community journalism,” he added. “It’s nice for our team to be recognized for their dedication and hard work.”

Stahle was complimentary of both the dedication and the imagination of those who work for the two newspapers, and of how their work contributes to the community.

“I could go on forever about how important newspapers are,” he said. “I’ve been involved with newspapers for 72 years and I know they are the best way to ensure our freedom and keep those freedoms alive. They have a really significant effect on society.”

He said it was “fantastic” to have his newspapers honored.

Entries were judged by members of the press in Arizona.

The Davis Clipper earned first place finishes in a number of editorial categories, including: Best General News Story for “Teen involved in Mueller Park shooting sentenced” by Becky Ginos, Best Editorial for “Real newspapers ensure Real News” by Tom Haraldsen, and Best News Photograph for “Summerfest dancers” by Louise Shaw.

For layout and ad design, Anna Pro earned first place in two categories. She was awarded Best Staff Produced Ad for “Exciting changes coming,” and Best Advertising Idea for “Sweetheart’s Ball.” Pro also won second place in Best Use of Ad Color for “Cinco de Mayo,” and Best Circulation Promotion for “When It Comes to Local News.” She won third place in Best Special Section for “101 Things to do in Davis County.”

Other second place awards went to Jenniffer Wardell in the Best Feature Story category for “Christopher Gorham returns to Utah for ‘We Love You, Sally Carmichael,’” and to Louise Shaw in the Best Feature Photograph category for “Princesses of diversity.”

Third place finishes were also awarded Clipper staff, including Best News Series for “Woods Cross development controversy” by Becky Ginos, Best Editor’s Column for “An education can come with a summer job” by Louise Shaw, Best Photo Page for “A Year in Photos” by Louise Shaw and Anna Pro, and Best Front Page by Anna Pro and Tom Haraldsen. 


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