Decathlon brings out the best in students

by Becky GINOS

BOUNTIFUL—Some 800 elementary children came together in Layton and Bountiful last week to show their skills at a two-day Davis District Decathlon.

“It’s a celebration of the things they’ve been working on in the classroom throughout the year,” said District Athletics Supervisor Tim Best. “The event showcases 10 unique events to give the kids a good variety. It’s great to see them all have an equal chance because what is a strength for some is a weakness for others.”

This is the eighth year for the event. “We use two boys and two girls as a team,” said Best. “I’ve seen schools cheering for other teams they don’t even know. We couldn’t do it without the support of the principals and PE teachers.”

Athletic directors also use the decathlon as an opportunity to collect information to guide future physical education training and any skill deficiencies in the elementary grades, according to the district.

“We held it over two days because we have 62 schools participating,” Best said. “Each kid gets a certificate and we give team medals so everybody goes home with something.”


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