‘Falcons are Fabulous’ event raises funds for Safe Harbor

by Becky GINOS


CLEARFIELD—The Safe Harbor Crisis Center received an early Christmas present from students at Clearfield High at an assembly held just before the holiday break.

“Falcons are Fabulous is a week and a half long event held right before winter break,” said Colton Robbins, SBO over service and a senior at Clearfield High. “We plan six months in advance and try to help a local charity. This year we chose Safe Harbor because domestic violence is a big problem in Utah. It’s a hard issue to talk about but we wanted to bring a light on this.”

Students decorated the commons area in purple ribbons, which denotes domestic violence awareness. “It was awesome,” said Robbins. “We also had a talent show and asked for donations. The act that got the most got to participate in the big assembly. There were penny jar wars too where students could drop in pennies. We got thousands of dollars in pennies because we had a big competition between classes.”

They also hosted an “empty bowls” dinner. “The ceramic students made the bowls and then students in the Pro Start culinary program at the school made soup. We invited the community and they also got to watch a showcase by the theater students.”

Other incentives to donate included auctioning off 10 people to shave their heads or to save their hair, said Robbins. “There were two girls willing to do it but they didn’t have to. Students could also pie their teachers.”

All in all, the group raised close to $48,000.

“We meet over the summer with the new SBOs and research some charities,” said SBO Advisor and teacher Brandon Welker. “They decided on Safe Harbor. It was a passion of Colton’s so I try to support what they choose but I was nervous that the topic would be too heavy for the kids to relate to.”

Welker said in the past they’ve done a child spree or Ronald McDonald’s House. “They’re important but lighter subject matter,” he said. “But Colton persisted and the principal was supportive. It turned out to be a timely charity. We had some people from Safe Harbor come out in the weeks leading up to it and it was really eye opening. The students really got on board fast.”

Robbins said in past years the students have had some trouble understanding what the charity was about. “This is not just about adults, it can happen in high school too, like dating violence,” he said. “It’s not just older people or people in shelters – it could be in our school. They connected with it more than other past charities.”

The goal was $25,000, said Welker. “But we exceeded that by about that much which is incredible,” he said. “It took a tremendous amount of work and I got to have a front row seat to the generosity of our community. In Davis County we have some of the lowest income kids but also the most generous. I got emotional when they handed over the check. I’m grateful for the community response and the kids who raised all that money. I’m grateful to be a part of it.”


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