Farmland protections get support

By Louise R. SHAW

FARMINGTON—Frustrated residents spoke Tuesday night in support of Alan Bangerter and the farm his family has cultivated for generations, asking the city council here to protect the land and allow it to continue in agriculture. Equally frustrated city council members then addressed the overflow crowd, saying the council was being criticized on social media and judged for a decision they hadn’t made and weren’t going to make. Before the public hearing at the city council meeting on Tuesday, May 1, a motion was made to support the Agricultural Protection Area requested by the Bangerters, indicating support on the council for the APA. Mayor Jim Talbot pointed out that the entire issue was a result of the UDOT decision to put the West Davis Corridor through Farmington, something “we did not ask for,” he said. For two hours after that, residents insisted the land be preserved rather than turned into soccer fields and criticized the council for everything from development to eminent domain. Council members then explained their positions and voted unanimously to support the APA. More details will be available online at and in next week’s Davis


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