Inspired by the world around us

by Louise R. SHAW

BOUNTIFUL—Adam Larsen is inspired by childhood, Vince Mattina is motivated by sleepless nights, Frank McEntire is touched by a pivotal moment in the history of the United States.

These artists are showing their work at Bountiful Davis Art Center through Sept. 14, and were in Bountiful last Friday to share what inspires them.

McEntire has taken fragments of obituaries and photos from those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on 9/11, and turned them into wall art and participatory projects that fill the main floor exhibit space at the gallery, 90 N. Main.

“It was a pivotal point in our nation as well as world history,” he said. “This is a way for people to reflect on some of our base nature in terms of violence, and also on our most gracious nature, in terms of helping people in need.”

Adam and Jessica Watkins sat before the wall of words and photos McEntire created, taking in the meaning of the exhibit.

“It’s incredibly powerful,” said Adam Watkins.

“I’ll be telling my co-workers about this on Monday,” said Jessica.

“And we’ll tell them to bring Kleenex,” said Adam.

Across the hall, Jason Lanegan and Adam Larsen are exhibiting a lighter side of art, with found toys in one hand-designed cabinet and creative prints on the wall.

“These pieces celebrate the lighter, more humorous side to counterbalance the more serious art,” said Lanegan. “That is more contemplative, and we wanted to make sure there is a lighter side to that.”

The Spanish Fork resident works as the director for student galleries at Harris Fine Arts at Brigham Young University.

“I spend time helping students understand the power of display, and mentor students as they install exhibitions,” he said.

Larsen teaches at Snow College. His exhibit “deals with relating childhood to people and their experiences,” he said. “We get kind of arrogant as adults,” he said, “but we’re all kids inside. An artist is a kid at heart.”

Mattina, a Holladay resident, said his art came together over sleepless nights. An art director, he said the surreal themes and images are the stuff of dreams.

The exhibit is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.


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