Intermountain clinic expansion adds new services

by Louise R. SHAW

BOUNTIFUL—“This is wonderful for Bountiful in all ways,” said Mayor Randy Lewis at the grand opening of the newly expanded Intermountain Bountiful Clinic on Tuesday, May 22.

“It is expanding the quality health care in our community and everything is good about that,” he said. “And the architecture is totally compatible with what we’re trying to do on Main Street. It’s hard to beat the physicians and other care that provide all our residents with the care they need.”

Those physicians, plus administrators, medical assistants and staff, were equally thrilled at the opening of the expansion at the corner of Main Street and 400 North in Bountiful.

“There will be more resources for people that are just down the street instead of having to go into Salt Lake City,” said Hillary Lopes, a medical assistant. “It has been a huge help to open this up.”

“Patients have been very patient,” said Lopes, as construction on the 60,000-foot addition was underway.

They are now rewarded with a light-filled entry, three floors lined with windows and accented with calming photographs of nature.

Ashley Kernan, a physician in family medicine, told the crowd gathered at an open house that the expanded supporting care teams, the new 3D mammogram machines and other new services will help support local families “as we work to all live the healthiest lives possible.”

The expanded facility will now offer ophthalmology, audiology, podiatry and 3D mammography. Services previously available will continue, including family medicine, internal medicine, OB/GYN, general surgery, gastroenterology, pediatrics and ear, nose and throat services.

Instacare and Kidscare will also continue to be offered at the site.

“This very much supports the services we have in other locations,” said Chris Thornock, vice president and chief operating officer at ????, mentioning LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City and the Layton Intermountain hospital facility underway. “It’s a great option to people of this community when they need care.”

He spoke of the integrated nature of the care team and how adding practices of different specialties will allow for “a lot of collaboration, providing the best care.”

“We look at people holistically and want to help them keep healthy,” he said, “It’s important to bring care to the community.”

David VandeMerwe, a doctor of family medicine, said he was excited that there is room for the new services, which include sports medicine and physical therapy in a building across the street.

He told the crowd that the magic in health care is a doctor’s relationship with a patient, something he learned after taking over the practice of a well-loved physician at the clinic.

“We can sense the trust that our patients and the community place in us,” he said. “That trust is the reason we’re able to grow.”

“I’m excited for the new services that we can offer now we have the space for that,” he said. “We continue to commit to give our best to serve the community for many years to come.”


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