Kaysville to celebrate 150 years March 15

By Jenniffer WARDELL jwardell@davisclipper.com

KAYSVILLE—The first city incorporated in Davis County is getting ready to celebrate their sesquicentennial. Kaysville City, which was officially incorporated in 1848, is celebrating their 150th anniversary on March 15 starting at 5 p.m. at the Kaysville City Center. The event will include music, an official reading of the articles of incorporation, and other activities designed to honor the city’s history. “It’s kind of our launch for the year,” said Mindi Edstrom, marketing coordinator for the city. A 130-person choir, made up of students from every Kaysville elementary school, will sing a special anthem celebrating the sesquicentennial written by local resident Craig Nybo. Rep. Brad Wilson, also a Kaysville resident, will read the articles of incorporation for the city. There will also be informational displays sharing stories and photos of the city’s history. “We also have some potential visits from surprise guests,” she said. Edstrom said that Mayor Katie Witt may have another surprise for attendees as well. “She was hoping to have something to announce to the city as kind of a gift for residents,” she said. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed.” According to the city’s official history, Hector Haight settled the Kaysville/Farmington area soon after the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. After articles of incorporation were drawn up in 1848, Samuel Oliver Holmes moved two miles north of the original settlement and built a cabin in the fall of 1849. Two of his friends, Edward Phillips and John Hyrum Green, settled there as well after the snow interrupted their journey to Ogden. After spending the winter with Holmes, they brought their families up from Salt Lake to live. The next day, William Kay arrived with his family. “Even though we weren’t settled until later, we’re celebrating when we were incorporated,” she said. The March 15 celebration is only the first of several events designed to celebrate the city’s anniversary. Several of the city’s regular activities will include elements related to it, and new activities are being planned as well. “Most of our events throughout the year will be themed for the sesquicentennial,” she said. “We have some events in the summer we haven’t announced yet.” The official sesquicentennial logo will also appear on jerseys and other areas throughout the year. “Anything new we do this year will have the sesquicentennial logo on it,” she said. Kaysville City Center is located at 23 E. Center Street. For details, visit kaysvillecity.com.


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