Kaysville City appoints new council member

by Becky GINOS


KAYSVILLE—There’s a new face on the Kaysville City Council. After multiple rounds of questions at a special council meeting last week, the field of 10 applicants was narrowed down to one. Ultimately, council members selected Stroh DeCaire to fill the remainder of Council member James Hansen’s term after he resigned his post for an Academic Fellowship at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

DeCaire has been serving on the Planning Commission for the past five years and as chairman of the Kaysville City 4th of July parade for more than a decade. Currently, he is chairman of the Davis County Democratic Party and also on the State Democratic Party Executive Committee. He spent 14 years in the defense industry as an active duty member of the United States Air Force and as a civilian working for Lockheed Martin in electronic warfare. DeCaire is an engineer for the Utah Education Network.

The council asked the candidates a series of questions on topics such as finances and infrastructure.

“It’s pretty obvious that roads in this town are a big concern,” said Greg Frank, one of the applicants vying for the position. “I’ve seen that in my own neighborhood. We should discuss what to do with historical buildings and involve the citizens as to what they’d like to have done with the historical icons of the city.”

“I know the council has discussed the topic of road fees,” said Jacob Wood, another candidate. “We need to make sure we’re not double taxing with things like schools or churches. We also need to look at water and make sure we’re providing it to where it needs to go.”

DeCaire suggested prudent planning and zoning. “We need to plan for down the road, not just for today,” he said. “What will we leave as city officials to our children and others who come here to live? Legacy is coming whether we like it or not. We have to address it now. We can’t put it off. Let’s grab the bull by the horns.”

“We must prioritize for the next five years,” said applicant Randi Von Bose. “The road fee is a good start but it’s not perfect. We as leaders need to have a vision of where we’re going.”

Another candidate said the city should clean up some of its signage, update older buildings and beautiful Kaysville.

Council member Jake Garn asked the candidates what they thought their role would be on the council.

“We never understand what’s required of us until we’re in the middle of it,” said Andre Lortz.

“We need to educate the public,” about what we do, said Quan Nguyen, an applicant who moved here from California. “There are going to be tough choices no matter what.”

At the end of the questions each candidate took one minute for closing remarks. “I love this community,” said Wood. “There is so much that can be done to keep this city great.”

“I’d like to leave my mark and own my responsibilities,” said Payton Hampton.

“I’ll hit the ground running,” said Tamara Tran. “I’m very dedicated to providing whatever you need done. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions on what’s best for the community.”

Council members voted for their top two picks then made their choice between the top two vote getters. DeCaire received the most votes.

“I hope to put Kaysville in a great place for years to come,” he said. “My father always told me to bloom where you’re planted, be engaged and care about your community. I would be happy to serve with any of you.”

DeCaire will serve from July 20, 2018 until the next regularly scheduled municipal election in 2019. At that time, he has the option to run to finish out the term that ends in 2021.


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