Layton City seeks public input on vision for future plan


LAYTON—The city of Layton is looking to the future. With anticipated growth of an additional 30,000 residents by 2050, city leaders are working on a long-term plan to accommodate for those needs.

“We’re recognizing that land and housing prices are going up,” said Layton City Planner Tim Watkins. “It’s worth looking at alternatives through different types of housing and there also seems to be strong support to have town centers, retail and attractions that make it so residents would be able to bike or walk to these amenities.”

Bringing in greater activities to the Midtown (mall) and hospitality district to make those more vibrant are also being considered. “In 2016, we started a visioning process that resulted in a document called Layton Envisioned,” said Watkins. “It has growth principles and strategies that might best accommodate the population increase in the future. We’re using it as a springboard to update the city’s general plan.”

Layton City wants the public to be involved in the process so they have been encouraging residents to take an online survey to gather input from the community on what that vision should look like.

“We’ve put options before the residents,” said Watkins. “We’ve been getting very specific feedback. It’s so important to have a strong effort for robust community engagement.”

Watkins said employees nowadays move from job to job. “This creates a demand for a different type of housing,” he said. “Online purchases are increasing too. There will always be a need for brick and mortar stores but this gives us a blueprint for the future.”

The goal is to present a draft general plan to the public in the spring to invite review and comments before it is submitted to the city council, Watkins said. “We’d be looking at an early summer adoption for the updated general plan,” he said. “That would be used as we’re looking at zoning and property in the designing of new projects and mixed use centers in our community. We have FrontRunner up and running, the West Davis Corridor and other transportation investments that invite the prospect of land use opportunities.”

Layton Envisioned also anticipates creating an employment center to offer work options closer to home rather than having so many residents commuting to Salt Lake City, said Watkins. “It will encourage the prospect of having employers locate in our community.”

A kickoff public meeting was held Oct. 25 and was very well attended, Watkins said. “Every voice matters in a public planning process,” he said. “It’s especially valuable to the city council to understand the desires of the community as they plan.”

The survey will conclude soon so those interested in participating should visit to take part.



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