Leak damages multiple homes in Woods Cross

By Becky GINOS bginos@davisclipper.com

WOODS CROSS—Residents in a Woods Cross neighborhood were faced with major cleanup last Tuesday after water from a broken pipe made its way into the sewer system. “We had a water main break and it took a little while before we were aware of it and it overloaded the sewer system,” said City Administrator Gary Uresk. “It bubbled up and went down the street into the sewer. Twenty homes were flooded. It was not a good situation.” Uresk said this time of year there tends to be some movement in the ground. “It was just enough that it cracked it (pipe).” The city had restoration crews out doing cleanup right away and Uresk has met with the insurance company. “We’ll have to ascertain what happened and how much damage we have,” he said. “It will take a little while to work through. We have to get our arms around what it’s going to cost.” In the meantime, the pipe has been repaired. “That’s been taken care of, now we have to get the homes back in order.”


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