A lifetime of interests, skills come together for local business woman

by Louise R. SHAW


BOUNTIFUL—A plaque on one wall reads: “A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.”

In the next room, above tables full of projects, hangs a sign with a similar message: “Creativity is messy and I am very messy.”

Welcome to Finishes by Rose, the workshop/business/studio of Rose Hansen, where you can buy antique jewelry, original art, natural soaps, paint, collectibles, reupholstered furniture and old door knobs, or get help refinishing your furniture or refreshing your kitchen.

“I have always loved collecting and I love interior design and painting and furniture,” said Hansen. “It’s like I combined a whole bunch of jobs in one – it’s just all coming together – a whole lifetime of interests.”

When Hansen opened Finishes by Rose on Bountiful’s Main Street in April 2016, she was on her own, having previously worked a variety of jobs, sometimes selling paints, sometimes creating folk art, sometimes offering her painting skills to homeowners.

After raising six children, she “took the big leap” to open her own business in Bountiful. “It’s been good to us,” she said. “We’ve been finding a lot of clients.”

Now, five employees work part time in her shop and another five on contract.

Gail King is one, who was working in the shop on a recent afternoon, refinishing furniture and getting input from Hansen on things like the glaze, the grey undertone of a color and the problem with a crackly look.

“We love Rose,” said King. “She’s amazing – she’s really good at finding answers to problems that come up.”

Jessica Davis and Mary Ann Bates also worked nearby, sanding and staining cabinet doors for a client who wanted an updated kitchen look.

Besides her sales and services, Hansen teaches one-on-one classes to those interested in learning how to do their own refinishing work in their homes.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes … art is knowing which to keep,” reads another of the plaques hung in the bustling workshop.

“I just want to make pretty things,” is the message on a T-shirt near the paint display.

All of that is happening just below the signs.

Finishes by Rose, 405 S. Main in Bountiful, is open from noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


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