NSL seeks members for new community choir

By Jenniffer WARDELL jwardell@davisclipper.com

NORTH SALT LAKE—If you have a song in your heart, NSL Live wants to hear from you. The group, which serves as the city’s Parks, Trails, Arts and Recreation Advisory Board, is starting up a community choir that will be called the North Salt Lake Master Chorus. The group, which is currently looking for singers who live in North Salt Lake and the surrounding communities, won’t require either fees or auditions out of anyone looking to participate. “I want it to be a true choir of the community,” said Brett Levitre, who will conduct the group. “We’ll take all comers, all ages and all skill levels. So many choirs these days have evolved to almost professional levels, but then it’s not a true community choir anymore.” The inspiration for the group came from this year’s “Messiah” sing-in, which Levitre was asked to conduct this past year. When they asked him to come back for the 2018 concert, he said yes but added that he’d like the opportunity to do a little advance work. “I also said that I’d like to rehearse a group beforehand so we could have some more confidence on the choruses,” he said. “That evolved into the idea of a community choir.” The choir is expected to do three concerts in 2018, with four concerts a year being the average after that point. The choir’s first official concert is expected to be sometime in May, which will be followed by both a fall and Christmas concert. The first concert of 2019 will be an early spring concert that will likely be held sometime in March. Levitre said the choir will sing a variety of music, and that he’ll always keep entertainment in mind when he’s choosing the song list. “We want things that are fun to sing and fun to listen to,” he said. “A lot of these concerts can get pretty dry. We wanted to keep things interesting.” There will also be some songs sung in Spanish, and he said he’s already planned some African numbers. “We want the choir to reflect the community around them,” he said. Levitre said his conducting career began at 16, when he was the drum major in the Bountiful High marching band. He conducted his first choir at 20, and has served with various church and community choirs ever since. “My favorite thing about conducting is the creative aspect,” he said. “There’s no other experience like putting voices together and making music.” For more information or to join the choir, visit nslmasterchorus.org.


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