Proposed activity bus for FHS

by Becky GINOS

FARMINGTON—With the boundaries finalized for the new Farmington High School, the district is looking into ways to better accommodate those students who will be traveling to and from the school.

“It’s quite a distance from the West Kaysville area,” said Dave Roberts, transportation director for the district. “We’re trying to find a direct route other than I-15 for after school activities. The superintendent asked us for a preliminary idea sample for an activities bus.”

Superintendent Reid Newey presented the sample to the board of education at last week’s meeting. “It would start at Farmington High School with a route of about 15 sites between the high school and back to the bus shop,” he said. “The cost is significant but not undoable.”

“We recommend that it starts at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday,” said Craig Carter, business administrator & assistant superintendent. “It probably wouldn’t run on Fridays because those are game days, etc. We’ll see how many students take part in that (riding the bus). We’d hold one driver after and pay for the time to run that bus.”

Roberts said the preliminary idea is the most generous route. “If all the stars align it’s not a huge amount of cost,” he said. “The (bus) compound is right by the school and it would take less than an hour. The cost for fuel and to pay a driver is minimal compared to the other routes in the district.”

The bus would not be intended for athletic events, he said. “It’s for students who are staying after school for practices like band, orchestra or theater and other extracurricular activities. All the other high school activities already request buses.”

Stops would be at the regular locations, Roberts said. “It would drop students off all the way to the most northern boundary. It’s for students who live six to seven miles away from the school.”

Roberts said it was an investigative process. “The superintendent wanted to know what the cost would be, what it would look like and whether we have the resources to do it,” he said. “They want to be proactive to alleviate the concerns voiced by parents.”

The board did not take any action on the proposal; Newey and Carter were just presenting the activity bus option.

“We want this to enhance what we have,” said Newey. “We don’t want transportation to be a limiting factor.”


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