Republican Women gather to honor flag

by Becky GINOS

KAYSVILLE—Old Glory was flying high last week at Barnes Park as the Davis County Republican Women held a Flag Day celebration to promote patriotism.

Members and their families joined with lawmakers and county commissioners to sing patriotic songs retire a flag and participate in a balloon launch as a tribute to the country.

President Jen Brown’s father gave a short presentation on how the National Anthem came to be. He described how during a battle with the British at Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key, an amateur lyricist and poet who was on a ship about eight miles away, saw the flag was still flying. It was symbolic that the British had lost and the Americans had won.

“He started penning the first verse,” he said. “The music was from an old drinking song. Once a music store got the music and lyrics it was published and became known as the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’”

After Congress enacted a law in 1931 confirming it as the official anthem of the United States, it became a tradition to start sporting events with a rendition that still survives today, he said.

The flag that inspired Key is housed at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Although a little smaller because over the years the family that owned it cut off portions to give to patriots.

Following his presentation, Vice Wing Commander Col. Julie Anderson conducted a flag retiring ceremony. “The stars are separated from the stripes to show respect,” she said. “We pledge allegiance and salute it because it stands for the freedom we all share and the patriotism we feel for our country.”


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