Security firm looks to expand business into Davis County


BOUNTIFUL—It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security that there is no crime in Davis County. After all it’s full of “bedroom” communities – Salt Lake is where everything bad happens, right?

“There is a perceived notion that there is not crime so there is no need for security,” said Kevin Jones, Chief Development Officer for Signal 88 Security. “Salt Lake and the surrounding areas do have crime so we’ve identified the area has having a need.”

Signal 88 provides private security for businesses, housing units, hospitals, hotels, etc. “We’re a local security company founded in Omaha, Neb. started by a former police officer,” said Jones. “Signal 88 stands for ‘Situation Secure’ in Omaha police code. Our vision is to provide peace of mind so people can pursue their passion in life. One in five people will leave a property if they don’t feel safe.”

The business model is a franchise system, Jones said. “We’re looking to find partners in various cities across the country,” he said. “Someone could come into this area and buy a territory. We’re here to help them understand licensing requirements for guards, provide vehicles, help with sales, marketing and to give support, but the franchisee is the owner and operator.”

In the past, most security companies put a stationary guard at a property, said Jones. “Our patrol model is to check a parking lot four to six times a night depending on the need,” he said. “We see this as a less expensive alternative. We go through all the clients’ properties several times a night.”

The company covers more than 400 territories including Australia, the UK and Canada. “We don’t have anyone to represent the brand in the Salt Lake/Davis County areas but we’ve had some clients express interest in having us there.”

Jones said they aren’t trying to replace the police. “We’re there to make their job easier,” he said. “We are a deterrent to people who would perpetuate a crime. They don’t do it because there is security.”

More than 70 percent of those working for Signal 88 have a military or law enforcement background, he said. “The number one thing is they already have a passion for this and a desire to protect and serve the community. We’ve found they have that innate desire because they’ve served overseas and now they want to serve at home. Some have left law enforcement so they understand the needs in the community.”

Signal 88 provides training and support so that owners can be successful, said Jones. “We believe from Ogden down to Provo could sustain at least three or four owners,” he said. “It’s unique because it is going to be a locally owned company, owned by the person who purchased it. They don’t have to answer to some company on the East Coast so the owners care more. They have the support of a national company with modern, nice vehicles with state-of-the-art equipment installed.”

Safety goes beyond just a people issue, Jones said. “It can be an overgrown bush where someone could hide or a broken curb – anything can be a safety issue. Signal 88 has the look and feel of a national company but it will all be run at a local level.”

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