Students enthusiastic as Farmington High School opens

by Becky GINOS

FARMINGTON—Davis County students went back to school Aug. 22. For some this was a new experience but for kids attending Farmington High it was especially exciting.

“It’s very different than any other school I’ve ever attended,” said 10th grader Hannah Vanderwerff. “They’re really focused on helping us succeed instead of fail. Grades don’t drop below a C- and you can retake stuff.”

Vanderwerff came from Farmington Junior High. “The layout is similar to the junior high but the teaching style is different,” she said. “You have choices for homework like watching a video, listening to a lecture or reading articles.”

Students at the school are all equipped with a laptop. “They’re nothing fancy but they’re nice,” said Vanderwerff. “We just have to get used to the programs. I like how the lockers work too. It’s nice not to be forced to use a locker and if you have a project for a science class you can put it in a locker next to the room.”

She also likes the openness of the building. “It gives you a sense of where everything is. You’re not stuck in a small, confined space.”

Sophomore Zachery Nadeau likes the layout too. “It’s very nice and pretty easy to get around,” he said. “I like how the grades are set up too – they’re more lenient. We’ve had some problems with the ID (badges). The teachers scan them in every class.”

So what’s his favorite thing at the school? “I like the Phoenix image in the hallways.”


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