Students raise money to help police

By Becky GINOS

LAYTON—There’s not a lot elementary children can do to thank law enforcement but students at Adams Elementary found a way to “protect the protectors” by raising funds to help the Layton Police Department buy bullet-proof vests. “We do a service project every year,” said parent and PTA member Jackie Malan. “Last year one of the students had a heart problem that we raised funds for. This year we did ‘Guard a Heart.’ We worked with Lt. (Travis) Lyman and the kids plastered the wall with hundreds of hearts for donations.” An anonymous donor matched the funds. “It was really fun,” she said. “The kids had such a good time and we raised funds for ballistic vests for the officers. Every kid was involved. They were excited about it. We had community donations too.” The thoughtfulness resonates, said Lyman. “We issue new officers vests but they have to wear ones that don’t fit as well while they wait for theirs to be ordered. Now this will help us so they’ll be fitted just right.” Lyman said he appreciates the opportunity to talk about safety in a responsible way. “It’s not lost on me that I’m having to talk about an item that could potential protect us from being shot and killed at a school.” The vests and a check for $2,900 were presented to Lyman and other officers at an assembly held at the school last week. Several students came out on stage wearing black paper representing a vest with amounts of money raised on them. Malan had the students turn around and counted up the numbers on their backs for the grand total, which was a surprise to the school. “This means a lot to us,” said Lyman. “You should feel proud for what you did for us. We could get called out to your house using these vests.”


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