Syracuse woman wins big on ‘The Price Is Right’

by Jenniffer WARDELL

SYRACUSE–One Syracuse woman came on down, and ended up coming home with a car.

Melanie Turner, who appeared on “The Price is Right” on the Jan. 16 episode, won the Showcase Showdown for the episode and ended up walking away with a variety of prizes including a brand-new car. Though she’d only been a casual fan of the show before her appearance, Turner said that she enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of it.

“It was so much fun,” she said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Turner, who works as an RN in Ogden, initially decided to attend the filming of the show as part of a special trip to Los Angeles with her sister.

“I was looking for fun things for us to do, and I thought about ‘The Price is Right,’” she said. “My sister is very outgoing, and likes to do things like that.”

After discovering there were two types of tickets, one of which allowed you to be a potential contestant, Turner decided to research the show a little more. She found a blog post from someone who had been a contestant that offered suggestions about how to get on the show.

“It suggested that people be spontaneous during the interview,” she said. “That people shouldn’t wait to be asked questions. They should just start talking.”

On the show, players who are called up out of the audience need to win a bid for one of the designated items to get off of Contestant’s Row and onstage for one of the bigger prizes. Turner won the bid for an air hockey table, then went onstage to take part in a game called Pushover. In the game, the contestant must push a window along a set of numbered blocks to determine the correct prize of certain items.

“It was very stressful,” Turner admitted. “If you see the show, you can see that I’m nervous. The audience is very high energy, and it’s hard to hear what’s being said.”

Though she didn’t win the prize, a trip to Montreal, the fact that she got onstage at all let her spin the wheel at the end of the first half of the show. She got $1, which netted her $1,000 according to the rules of the game and got her a spot on the Showcase Showdown.

“After awhile, with constant reassurance from the crew and even Drew Carey, you begin to relax and have fun,” she said. “It’s very high energy, but everyone’s extremely nice.”

At the Showcase Showdown, the prize Turner tried for had a “date night” theme and featured designer accessories, a car, and other related items. Despite the practice from the rest of the show, the sheer amount of cameras around the prizes made it hard to see everything.

“You’ll see me leaning in the episode, because I couldn’t see the designer slippers even though I heard Drew Carey mention them,” she said.

Despite the challenges, she had the closest bid and brought home the prize.

“I did really well,” said Turner. “I’m really happy about that.”


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