Viewmont students provide Christmas for local school


BOUNTIFUL—It was an extra Merry Christmas for children at Doxey Elementary last week when students from Viewmont High School arrived with a bag of gifts for all 423 kids.

“We had a kick-off assembly in mid-November,” said Viewmont SBO Advisor and teacher April Fenn. “We had seven collection nights and volunteers came each night. They took a map of the neighborhoods in the school boundaries and knocked on doors to ask for donations.”

The Vikings Give Christmas Campaign has been going on for 26 years. “Twenty-four of those years we’ve adopted a school in Salt Lake,” said Fenn. “But the last two years we decided to provide for a school in our own district. It was a very good decision.”

Each student was asked to come up with $75 of his or her own money to contribute and come to four of the seven nights. “We also had a first period collection competition,” said Fenn. “The class that raised the most money received breakfast. Some businesses stepped up and the SBOs went out to the parking lot during lunch and asked for donations.”

In total they raised $80,141.07. “We were able to give each child at Doxey a black garbage bag of items like a shirt, pants, stocking with goodies, a book and some toys,” said Fenn. “It was a nice Christmas for them. There were lots of tears and happy energy.”

Principals from both schools, district leaders and members of the school board were in attendance when the gifts were delivered. “Grown men were crying,” said Fenn. “This was a really big deal. For the volunteers it was overwhelming, they said they felt the Christmas spirit. I can’t put it into words.”


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