WX officers honored for their heroic actions

by Becky GINOS


WOODS CROSS—Law enforcement can sometimes be a thankless job. Officers put their lives on the line every day to keep the community safe, yet they’re often taken for granted. However, last week the Woods Cross Police Department came together to honor those heroes at their annual awards banquet.

Chief Greg Butler started off by recognizing the selfless actions of officers Michael Singleton and Robbie Davis during a shooting incident where a resident had been injured. “We got a call about a high-powered rifle,” he said. “They say police run toward gun fire and that’s what they did. If they hadn’t stopped the bleeding he would have died on scene.”

Officer Sean Jones was honored for saving a driver by administering NARCAN (reverses drug overdose). “He spotted a car weaving through traffic,” said Butler. “He pulled her over and gave her NARCAN but it didn’t work, he had to do it a second time. She survived and later I got a call from a secure treatment facility. The woman he saved wanted to thank him for saving her life that night.”

The police deal with all types of calls – including the birth of babies. “Officer Austin Strong responded to a call that a baby was being born,” Butler said. “The baby was already out but he did CPR on the newborn until the paramedics got there. If not for his quick actions the baby could have passed away. Well done.”

Detective James Sheldon was named the Officer of the Year. “He’s jumped in quite often to put away some really bad guys,” said Butler. “He’s put together some incredible cases.”

In addition to the officers, Butler also honored the crossing guards who work throughout the city helping to keep the school children safe.


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