WX Police, credit union donate books

by Becky GINOS


WOODS CROSS—The Woods Cross Police Department visited two elementary schools last Friday. No, they weren’t there to arrest anyone or to give out tickets. They were there handing out books.

“I heard a rumor from someone that your teacher was asking about getting the book ‘Restart’ for your class,” Woods Cross Police crime prevention specialist/records clerk Stephanie Gonzales said. “It’s a good book about starting a new life and what a difference it makes between good choices and bad choices. I thought it would help the community to have these children grow up to be good kids.”

Gonzales thought the department could donate the books and have the sixth grade class share it with the other sixth-grade classes as well as developing a book exchange with another school. “But when I called Horizon Credit Union to see if they’d help, they said they’d buy the books for Woods Cross and Odyssey Elementary,” she said.

So with a box of books in hand, Woods Cross Police Chief Greg Butler, Lt. Adam Osoro, Gonzales and representatives from Horizon passed out books to each child in Christine Nesheiwat’s sixth grade class at Woods Cross Elementary then went over to Jenny Erickson’s sixth grade class at Odyssey.

“We’ve always had a good relationship with the Woods Cross Police Department so we do what we can to help out,” said Brandi Kirksey, vice president of marketing for Horizon Credit Union. “We like to be involved in the community and help with any needs. This is a good way to do that. The book is great. It has a good message. We bought 60 books and they can swap them between schools where they can and get on a book share.”

Odyssey Principal Julie Peters told the class that the main character in the book falls from a roof and loses his memory. He had been a bully before the accident so when students seemed afraid of him he realized he needed to change.

“We can start at the bottom level to stop bullying,” Peters said. “It’s (book) perfect when we talk about teasing. Sometimes we don’t realize it hurts people.”


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