CYCLOPS: Cyclops makes his wish list for the coming New Year


The opinions stated in this article are solely those of the author and not of The Davis Clipper.

In the new year, Cyclops can only wish for….

Less political partisanship. There are good ideas and bad ideas, not Republican and Democrat ideas.  Working with opponents in a compromise is better than dismissing and demeaning those who hold less power.

More movies lie 2017’s “The Big Sick” (comedy), “Lady Bird” (comedy-drama), “Wind River” (drama), and “The Post” (historical drama).  Less “superhero” movies.

Less Orrin Hatch “kiss-ups” to Pres. Trump.  (“He’s a great president – maybe the best ever!”) Sorry, Orrin, but even Ivanka doesn’t believe that nonsense!

Less Nancy Pelosi. C’mon Democrats, you will never win a national election if she is seen as the helm of the party.

A more realistic, effective approach to Utah’s liquor laws.  Legislators, stop putting your heads in the sand and face reality, and actually listen to the ideas of those who use the product.

More emphasis on vocational education while realizing that tomorrow’s workforce doesn’t demand that everyone has a bachelor’s degree.

Along with the above, making society accept that all work and trades are honorable.  In reality, the guy who picks up our garbage performs as much service as the CPA, and the barista works as hard as the software developer.

Let’s put an end to the silly idea that being gay is a choice; accept that it is simply a human condition akin to someone having blue eyes rather than brown.

Sign the initiative petition promoting Better Boundaries, an attempt to ensure that Utahns living in metropolitan area and rural communities are fairly represented.

Bring back “customer service” instead of the reliance on distant technology.

Parents, stop buying cell phones for 10-year-olds. Give them a library card and lead them into literacy. Understand that good parenting is not allowing a child to learn life through a video game.

Bring the “country” back into country music.

Protect local merchants (and commercial property values) by enacting a sales tax on purchases made online.  Business owners investing in brick and mortar should not be placed at an economic disadvantage.

Replace disgust with compassion when addressing the challenges of the homeless population.

Regardless of your opinion on “Obamacare,” recognize that health care should be a right, not a privilege.

Stiffen the legal penalties and incarceration for “white collar” criminals who swindle the savings of their neighbors.

And, though self-serving, continue to support newspapers and their advertisers – even when you disagree with the opinions in this column.

Happy 2018 to all of you!


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