CYCLOPS: My personal letter to President Donald J. Trump

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Dear Pres. Trump:
I am writing this letter because as an American I have a stake in your success or failure. Your first year in office hasn’t gone the way you wished and, at 35% percent, you have the lowest approval rating of any modern U.S. President. I offer you a few suggestions (and though I’m aware of your feelings about the press, it’s a stretch to think this small weekly paper is a part of the conspiratorial “mainstream media”).
First, stop boasting. No one likes a braggart, and your comments this month about you being “like, really smart and a very stable genius” are hardly convincing. You would be better off admitting, “My father gave me a few million dollars to play with, and I’ve been very fortunate.” Also, don’t brag that you have made “billions and billions of dollars” without noting that you also left hard-working vendors out in the cold by declaring bankruptcy on many of your business ventures.
Second, don’t forget your campaign promises. A centerpiece of your campaign was to “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” While I question the concept of a wall, I understood your intention – but now you are asking us taxpayers to pay $18 billion. Did you forget the part about Mexico paying for it? Remember you also told voters you would offer them great health insurance that everyone could afford, but then signed a bill which would eliminate coverage for some 10 million Americans, and, according to insurers, cause huge potential increases for everyone.
Third, don’t anger crazy people. Your jousting with North Korea (“I’ve got a bigger nuclear button than you have, Rocket Man”) is simply schoolyard smack. As President, you shouldn’t rile any leader possessing nuclear warheads, let alone one who is not playing with a full set of marbles.
The same goes for your angry banter with Democrats. If your stated aim is to cooperate with the other side and get Democratic buy-in, you don’t shoot off early morning tweets accusing them of being idiots. Don’t spit on people, then ask them to shake hands.
Fourth, the majority of the American people say you have trouble being truthful. Hey, all politicians have probably told a whopper during their careers, but a non-partisan fact check organization reported this month that in the past two years you’ve been caught in nearly 2,000 falsehoods. Some of this could be attributed to the fever and slash-and-burn of the campaign trail, but it’s not productive to lie about things that can be easily disproven. (i.e. the “biggest tax cut” in the history of the country, the “largest crowd” at an inaugural, “I’ve never met” certain high-ranking Russians, Steve Bannon was “never a major advisor” in your campaign.)
Mr. President, stop worrying about “Crooked Hillary.” She received more votes than you, but you are the President. Stop shaming people and work toward your campaign pledge to rebuild the country’s aging infrastructure. Tell your Attorney General to stop undermining the states who voted to legalize marijuana; instead, turn your attention to the massive opioid crisis, and sign on to Pres. Obama’s crusade to increase research to conquer cancer.
What I’m saying is that you inherited a surging economy from the previous president and you have helped to expand it at an even faster rate. Don’t blow a good thing. Start acting presidential. Be kind rather than sarcastic.
Act like a leader, not a cartoon character, and try to gain the respect you’ve wanted. wanted.


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