Bountiful one of the finest cities anywhere, let’s keep it that way

Dear Editor: As Bountiful City’s newest council member and chair of the Street and Sanitation Budget Committee and having just returned from the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference in Washington, D.C. where infrastructure was a major topic facing cities. I thought I might respond to the letter to the editor concerning Bountiful’s infrastructure plans published on March 15 regarding streets. The author correctly pointed to the independent road condition survey completed by the Utah Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) for city guidance but perhaps missed the actual conclusion: “The current condition of Bountiful’s asphalt street network meets…. recommended standards.” In addition, “Zero percent (0.0%) of (Bountiful’s) network is at a terminal (Failing) …level.” The survey concludes that “Bountiful has been maintaining its road network at a satisfactory level.” The LTAP Survey also evaluated Bountiful’s plan for future spending. The City’s Five-Year Plan, adopted by the City Council in June 2017, anticipated spending an average of $1.7 million on road maintenance each year for the next five years for a total of $8.5 million. The Utah LTAP Center concludes, contrary to what last week’s letter claims, that this funding will improve the average remaining service life of Bountiful’s asphalt roads by 12 percent in five years. Even more extensive plans and funding are in place for the city’s power, water and storm drain systems (sewer services are not provided be Bountiful City but by South Davis Sewer District). These systems must be repaired in conjunction with roads. Each of these multi-year plans are reviewed annually with fees and projects updated accordingly. I have found city staff to be very professional, open to questions and willing to discuss detailed plans and research that they have conducted. Please feel free to contact the city with your concerns. We live in one of the finest cities anywhere! And I want to keep it that way. Chris R. Simonsen Bountiful City Council Member


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