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Slice of Life: “The Summer Project” verses “Leisure Time”
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“Will this be the season of, “What was I thinking?”

Ah! Warm weather! We have waited so long for it to be here.

So much to do! So little time! If you plan it well, and keep it as simple as possible, spring and summer can be fun, peaceful and comfortable. You may be thinking of planning a get away, perhaps some solace in the mountains or time at the beach. Take a deep breath! Imagine it and dream it! But beware!

Beware, the attack of a creature you hadn’t expected; the creature that could change the whole course of your relaxing summer. It usually emerges from deep, in the well-worn recesses of a woman’s mind, although it can be hatched in a man’s mind as well. It lurks there, pacing and fretting about, until it has trodden a wide area of escape. It jumps out, to reveal it’s self, as “a Wild Hare”.

What is the “Wild Hare”, you ask? It is an idea, a thought, or a notion, that you need more of something in your house or yard, rather than more peace, quiet and contentment. The “wild hare idea” tunnels under and around doorways, best left unopened (digging up money you had hidden away for other projects), as it searches for a way to make its presence known and it’s way sure.

At first the “wild hare” will make a suggestion here or there, like, perhaps we really should add another bathroom, or the house needs a tree planted in front of it. Then it might be followed by feelings of “guilt” and “mental pressures” to please someone or do something more! It may test your decision-making-capacities to the MAX. Think this through carefully! “Wild Hares” multiply and grow out of control so easily, like rabbits! Next thing you know you have a dozen ideas popping up, all starting out with the words, “While we’re at it……”

The “Wild Hare” may be disguised as a mid-life crisis, or a real need for space or beautification. It may be logical or a simple “whiney request” for a small change. However it starts! Whatever the excuse! It can be dangerous to “peace and contentment” as you know it! If it is set “free” to “run at will”, your peaceful summer is over!

The “Wild Hare” idea, hops about causing havoc in the passages of common sensibility, until it seems to make sense.

“Let’s just go ahead and do it!” You find yourself saying. Common-sense changes, you actually begin to believe, it will be worth all you have to do, to say, re-landscape the entire yard, lay a brick patio, and add another wing or second story to the house. What are you thinking?

Protect yourself! Prepare in advance! Put up pictures of relaxing places in the mountains or tropical islands. Play music to remind you how nice your get away will be. It is true; you may need a nicer kitchen, or new bathroom, or more space, but think it out! Once you start, you must finish, or the “Wild Hare” will take over all your vacations for years.

As an alternative, instead, you may simply choose to repaint and redecorate a room, rather than pulling down a whole wall. You might just clean up your yard, rather than tearing it up.

Still, it happens, many a man, or a woman, many a family has had their life adjusted and rearranged by the “freeway of activity” that occurs when the “Wild Hare” is set loose, and You decide to:

Go ahead with the Summer Project.

My husband and I did follow the urges of the “wild hare” one year, and although our home is beautiful and almost back to normal, two years later, we have memory of that summer, or actually, we have no memory of anything except the work of that summer. We call it… the year of…”the remodel”. That was the only thing we did that year. Was it worth it? “YES!” Would we do it again? Probably not! Well maybe! I guess so! I don’t know! We do enjoy the extra space, and it will all be paid for in thirty years or so. We do enjoy the extra space…am I repeating myself?

“The mind is a terrible thing to misplace”, but much of it has to go when the “wild hare” begins a reconstruction project.

Just a precaution, from one who knows! If someone in your family is affected by this “Wild Hare”, it may threaten the stability of the fabric of the family’s comfortable everyday life. It may change your traditions. Devour your topics of conversation, and you can forget a peaceful, relaxing summertime.

Look for that “wide-eyed, spaced-out” LOOK, in the person suggesting, “This summer, we should build………………….”

Check their pulse! Check the bank account!

Check their mail and email! Did they get an inheritance? Or buy a lottery ticket? Did they get a message, which said……”You might have all ready won?”


SERIOUSLY….Do check out the facts and do the research

Before you start the project.

Find out the building codes in your area and work within the limits of them.

Budget your money ahead. Work within the limits you set. Prepare yourselves and your families for the mental and physical commitments. Take pictures of your progress. Try to stay UPBEAT! Get advice from experts and professionals.


Make sure you’ve got the tools and help you will need, or have a friend who does. (That includes safety goggles and a first aid kit.)

Once the remodeling job begins, you might as well just “go with it” and try to “grab the reigns of the finances”. The best advice I can give is, to get it done as soon as possible. In-between times, when you can, rest, and try to enjoy summer. At night forget everything! Watch a relaxing movie or find a quiet, vacant place in your head and watch the stars. Keep the “Wild Hare” under control, by allowing only one project at a time. Recruit Help from others and keep all involved, to make sure the work project gets finished!

Then scoot the “wild hare” out. Rest and vacation right away, for the “hare” may return. There is no vaccine.

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