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Slice of Life: Wonderful, smelly success and agonizing efforts
by Terri Badham Wilks
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Life might be great right now, but trust me and save or copy this article, because failure and bad times come to everyone. You can pull this article out and read it, when you need it the most.

Failure stinks!

Pulling yourself up by your boot straps can give you a “turkey” and it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Usually, hiding under a rock and eating worms sounds like a better option than re-facing a battle or embarrassment in life. (What is a boot strap anyway?)

The Sweet smell of Success, The agony of defeat, all the pain in-the-neck and sick-to-the stomach stuff in-between are normal parts of life. Failure is down and hard. Success is high and soft.

I have experienced failure, as we all do once in a while, when we go out on a limb, only to find that the limb was un-sturdy, and all the safety precautions we took have failed us.

Failure feels like landing flat on your back, with the wind knocked out and you’re seeing stars spinning around your head. You might not know which way is “UP” except that, on your back, you can still look at the place you were aiming for, but now that limb you were standing on, is gone. If you fall “facedown”, you’re eating dirt! Yep! I know what failure feels like!

What’s the plan now? Do I find another way up? Or hunt a different tree? All the thoughts that go through your head:

“You’ll be fine! You just need a little hug!”

“Maybe I should give up tree climbing all together. Maybe I should look for a job digging, instead of climbing.”

“I could just cut down this lousy tree and build a boat out of it.”

“Well! I think you’re being a big baby! Get up and quit complaining!”

All the emotions inside of me, feel confused. I need professional help. I’ll search through my books of quotes.

“Things you might learn if you live long enough”: Experience teaches you to recognize a mistake when you’ve made it again.

The trouble with using experience as a guide is that the final exam often comes first and then the lesson.

Never mistake motion for action-said Ernest Hemingway

Only the mediocre are always at their best-Jean Giraudoux

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Little quotes help. I plaster them everywhere when times are tough. Best steps for getting back up when you fall are:

First: Comfort the Hurt

Be a good Mom to yourself! Say the things that a good comforting mother would bestow upon her hurt child, but not too long. Sooner or later, we must get back on the horse that has thrown us or that tree, when our limb drops us, if we want to ride or climb at all.


You always pass failure on your way to success-Mickey Rooney


Second: Analyze the Fall and Re-focus


Do you really want this? Sometimes, when you know the cost involved (and everything has a cost) in getting what you want, you realize it isn’t what you wanted after all, but you are wiser for the experience. But decide, and re-focus, because when you drift, the currents of life will take you downstream. Re-set or remind yourself of the goal you want. Are your goals hurting someone else? Sometimes you have to let go of one dream in favor of a better dream or plan. Changing course is not failure, if the course is good.

I have not failed! I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

--Thomas A Edison

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. –Henry Ford

SLOW DOWN. Often in life we fail only because we quit trying too easily, or because we were too impulsive. We acted without checking out the facts. ALL successful people are organized! Analyze the fall. Think it out. Have a Plan A and a backup plan B. Perhaps you need more help, or a mentor. Use educated action! Have a safety net. See yourself successful.

Try again! Fail again! Fail better! -Samuel Beckett

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone! --Bill Crosby

A man may fall many times, but he won’t be a failure, until he says someone pushed him –Elmer G. Letterman

Third: Get Positive! Dream it well!

Get siked! Get your juices flowing and your engine rebbed, and use your time wisely. Rest completely when you can. Limp as a dish rag, they told me when I was in labor. In-between every pain, “rest” all you can, and stay focused on your goal through the work of labor. STAY UPBEAT AND POSITIVE! Keep a notebook of positive thoughts and quotes or make a scrapbook or poster or create some symbol of your successful goal. (It could be a picture of that size 8 figure or car you want or the family you want to connect. Make it a picture you can see).

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat! -F. Scott Fitzgerald

You’re never a loser until you quit trying. –Mike Ditka

Fourth: Be Persistent! DO IT…DO THE WORK.

Persistence is a most valuable character trait, and is possessed by all successful individuals.

The three essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness, third, common sense. --Thomas A Edison

We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work -Thomas A. Edison

Fifth: Talk with and be around people who want the same things in their lives.

If you hang around with “Loser attitudes”, it will rub off on you. Share your goals and dreams with them. Listen to and encourage them. You will inspire yourself as you inspire others.

“Help thy brother’s boat across, and lo! Thine own has reached the shore.” -Ancient quote

Closing thoughts

When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this- You haven’t. –Thomas A Edison

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. --Thomas A. Edison


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