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The Teens' Ink
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So, it’s October, which means it’s no longer summer, which means that it’s no longer warm outside, which severely limits our outdoor activities. Ouch, right?

We can no longer go outside and get a tan, or play sports without tripping on muddy fields, or eat ice cream in a park without getting the chills. Wandering the streets late at night with our friends is no longer an option, and neither is hopscotch — because we all know we still play hopscotch.

So… what to do? We can’t do anything that depends strictly on the weather, not when it’s pouring rain one second, and bright sunshine the next.

Well, while fall certainly isn’t summer, there are still a great many things that can be done outside. All it takes a jacket and some old ideas.

The first thing that I, personally, love to do is an old time classic — puddle splashing. You remember this, you have to. All it takes is a bunch of rain, a few friends, and a giant puddle. Then, according to your taste, you try and soak your friends the best way you know how. Splashing, pushing, and the all-time favorite, jumping. Now, I know this may seem juvenile, and not something anyone would go for, but really, you can’t say that you don’t get even the slightest urge to jump in a puddle when you see them on the streets after a rain storm. If you want to have cheap fun outside, go on and bring out your inner child and jump right in. I suppose, though, that if you don’t want to get wet, you can always take your car (with four wheel drive) out and see how big of a splash you can make, 10 points if the splash makes it over your car.

The second activity I would suggest is getting a group of friends together and picking someone’s house to go to. How do you pick the person’s house? Easy, you pick whoever has the most trees. Then, you go and rake. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How in the world can raking be fun? Well, have you ever jumped into a huge pile of leaves? Let me tell you, it was fun when you were seven, and it’s still fun. Plus, raking keeps you warm while you’re outside, and while you’re working is the perfect time to catch up with your friends face-to-face. Added on to all of that, you’re doing someone a service by raking the leaves, and there is honestly nothing more satisfying than a cup of hot chocolate after having fun in the chilly outdoors.

So, with fall coming up, start digging back into your childhood roots to come up with some fun ideas to try when looking for something to do outside. When you take something that was fun when you were seven, add in a bunch of friends, and the fall season, I’m sure you can come up with something.

By: Clara Ashton

College. Wait, what?

Yeah, it’s that time of year again when high school seniors everywhere have to face the brain-frying challenge of picking where to continue their education once high school’s over. Most of us would swear that our junior year just started the other day, and yet here we are in our senior year about two months away from most college application deadlines. Yikes.

There is hope though for all our lost and wandering minds in the form of something known as college day. This day when representatives from each of Utah’s colleges and universities visit a high school to talk to the seniors there about the school they represent. This is a great opportunity to have questions answered, and to get a better idea of which schools suit you the best.

When I said “college” to Bountiful High senior, Amber Markham, she immediately replied, “Ah!” I found out pretty quickly that this was a common response which I got from just about anybody I asked. After talking to Amber more in depth about college day though, she admitted that it was a big help. “It really helped me learn what the different colleges have to offer, but at the same time I still have a lot of decisions to make.” I think every senior could agree with that. In some ways knowing more is great, but at the same time knowing more can also make the choice of where to go even harder.

Amber’s friend, Michaela Hamblin, another senior from Bountiful High, also agreed with her, and further elaborated on the subject: “It really gives you a reality check when it comes to college. One nice thing about it though, is that you don’t have to dig up the information to compare the colleges because they’ve already done most of it for you.” This is true as each senior received a booklet which contains general information and contact numbers to each school while answering some of the more basic questions such as tuition, housing, and general information.

With all this new information in our heads, it’s not always easy to know what to do with it. We don’t have big red buttons with the word “easy” written on them in nice white letters to help us pick where to go and what to major in. Somehow though, I’m sure all my fellow seniors out there as well as myself will figure things out, and come graduation we’ll all be ready to head off to college.

By Laura Densley

Hi BFF, What R U Up 2 J lol g2g btw ttyl omg tmi:

If you heard any of these acronyms 20 years ago, people would have thought you were having a seizure. Now it is a part of our everyday vocabulary. Twenty years ago, the sound level would rise 35 decibels as students traveled from class to class. Now, we are hearing more clicking noises from texting fingers. We just text each other even if the person we are texting is right next to us. We text in classes under our desks, while we are in bed, at the dinner table, sometimes even on dates. Over the years, texting has overpowered our lives in a good and bad way.

“It’s a way that their friends can easily and discreetly reach them at tiny moments during the day,” said Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist at Pew Internet. “It allows them to stay constantly in touch with people who are important to them. Texting is a much different experience than calling somebody on a land line, where you might get their parents. There’s an element of ownership for teenagers around texting.”

According to a recent study by Pew Internet, 31 percent of Americans would rather communicate through texting on a cell phone then communicating through calling. The average texts a teen sends, in this survey, was about 110 texts per day. If we use that same number and multiply it by 30 that is 3,330 texts a month. Precious time is being lost every day with our faces glued to our phones.

Not only does texting consume our lives, but, it also makes it easier to confront issues. While this can be a good thing, it can also be a very bad thing — especially if you are confronted with a fight or an argument. It is easier to hide through a phone then to confront someone face to face. Many times, we say things we wouldn’t normally say to someone because we can hide through a phone. We don’t have to see the person. The consequences of our actions don’t affect us if it’s over text. Cyber Bullying and bullying through text has become a major issue in this day and age. It is easier to be mean to somebody if we don’t have to see them.

Texting also has decreased the level of verbal communication skills. Since we depend on communicating through digital means, we lose the communication skills we get when talking to another person face to face. We have become lazier when it comes to grammar and grammatical style. Everything is said with an acronym.

What do you think? Do you think we are texting too much? Crap, with all of the digital technology, one day we won’t ever need to communicate face to face. Maybe one day, we won’t even need to step outside our house; because everything we could ever say or want is just a push of a button away.

By Jaynee Rogers

Movie Theater Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts that will save you.

By Lauren McMullin

Greasy popcorn, awkward moments, annoying giggling, and nose-bleed seats all comes to mind when thinking about bad movie theater experiences. If you want to rescue yourself from this black hole of nightmare experiences, then keep reading.

Do: Get to the movie theater early, especially with a big group, so that you can pick out the best seats and sit by each other. If you are going to be loud and rowdy, try to sit away from other people or in the back or front. Plus, in my opinion, the trailers are the best part.

Don’t: Boys, reality check. If you are on a first date with someone, do not try to hold her hand by putting your hand on your date’s seat or dangling your arm over the arm rest, hoping for something that, well, will just never happen. This just makes your date highly uncomfortable, and possibly never want to go out with you again. If she wants to hold your hand, she will!

Do: If you are on a date, don’t get candy unless your date does, and also make sure that candy is easy to eat and not messy. Popcorn is usually a dive off a steep cliff into shark infested waters, unless you don’t mind greasy fingers and kernels stuck in your teeth. Junior mints are a much safer bet; they give you minty breath.

Don’t: Text! Texting during a movie that you and others paid $10 for is rude and annoying. Trust me, I’ve been reprimanded before, and it is an embarrassing experience to endure. If you really need to text, the very back row is perfect, as long as your neighbors don’t mind. If you have a call, take it outside please!

Movies are the perfect entertainment on the weekend, a welcome distraction when you and your friends have done everything there is to do, or even an easy date idea. Just remember these few easy do’s and don’ts, and it may change your Friday night from a catastrophe to an unforgettable movie night.

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