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Voice of Business: West Davis Corridor position statement
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Jim Smith

Davis Chamber CEO

One of the most significant Р and polarizing Р issues in Davis County today is the proposed West Davis Corridor.  After extensive discussion and study, the Executive Board of the Chamber approved the recommendation of the Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee to issue a Letter of Support for the most recent UDOT recommendation on a route for the West Davis Corridor.  The text of that Letter of Support follows:



The Davis Chamber of Commerce has reviewed the efforts of UDOT in preparing the DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the West Davis Corridor.  Based on information gathered, we believe the study is thorough and the conclusions are sound.  We support the recommendations as presented.


Identifying the Need

The Davis Chamber strongly supports the need for an additional north/south transportation corridor on the west side of Davis County.  Based on current population, growth projections for the next 30 years, and current congestion on I-15, there is a vital need for additional transportation infrastructure.  The addition of the Legacy Parkway Scenic Byway in the south part of our county, combined with the opening of the FrontRunner, dramatically reduced congestion and improved the commute time to points south.


Issues Raised

In the future, Davis County will need to focus on higher density housing and transit oriented development if we are to maintain our quality of life and encourage economic growth.  We need to maintain air quality we also recognize the need for an alternate north/south route through our county in the event of an emergency.  We believe that the proposed route addresses each of these issues.

Although this new road is essential, building a complex artery is a very emotional issue, particularly for those whose property and lives are impacted.  We are encouraged by UDOT’s efforts to solicit participation from all stakeholders in this process.    We appreciate the open and thorough process that UDOT has followed as these very difficult decisions are made.


Economic Vitality

As we reviewed the detailed data supporting UDOT’s conclusions and recommendations, we are impressed by the exceptional job of addressing the complex issues faced.  The final recommendations are well-researched and supported by sound engineering and science.  We encourage UDOT to work with local municipalities to design adequate on/off access throughout the system.  If one of UDOT’s defined missions is to promote economic vitality, then allowing additional points of access to the business community is vital. 


Community Involvement Encouraged

That said, UDOT has been quick to point out that the recommendations are not finalized.  We encourage all Davis County residents to get involved in the process and provide additional input to assure the best possible final project design.


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July 18, 2013
I agree with the chamber and support UDOT's preferred route for WDC.
July 05, 2013
Utah is too beautiful to destroy with more roads. This is a very poor way to spend $600 million dollars! The money should be spent on improving mass transit. We need to get out of the 1960's mentality that we need more roads, we don't! Do we want to make the same mistake as L.A.? They have freeways everywhere and it is awful. This freeway in no way benefits Farmington city, it completely bypasses Station Park, not to mention the Frontrunner station. Farmington residents wouldn't even be able to use it. We'd just get all the pollution from those that live northwest. Farmington would be the only city to have 3 freeways running parallel to each other!!! Why ruin the beauty of our city for a needless road? The money needs to be spent elsewhere, we need clean air and we need to preserve our beautiful landscapes, not destroy them!
July 04, 2013
It is getting really discouraging how many of the politicians and community leaders in our county are supporting this freeway regardless of the fact that most of the actual people who live in our community do not want it. Just another example of the people not truly being represented by the groups and leaders who represent them. This freeway is a bad idea, especially as it is currently proposed. Obviously this is a decision being supported by power-hungry politicians and business leaders looking to benefit financially from the building of this freeway. The people supporting this freeway obviously do not live in Davis County and its cities for the same reason I do; the peaceful setting, beautiful green space, and feeling of community we have. It is sad to see people sell out for power and money. Shame on the Davis County Chamber of Commerce for supporting this freeway and ignoring what is best for our state and its residents and giving into UDOT and their corrupt politics. Why is money and power so much more important than providing open space, good air, and a nice place to live for our future generations? I love Davis County and living in Farmington and this freeway will ruin it and if it goes in as proposed me and my family will probably be forced to move from an area that we once loved. Again, shame on the Chamber of Commerce for putting money and power before the future generations who will no longer have open space to enjoy and clean air to breath!
July 11, 2013
Syracuse city is being dishonest with its residents we went to the city office in 1998 and had them take out there plans for the legacy highway. It was right there on the bluff road so we decided to buy our land knowing it would be in front of our house some day. They showed us plans for equine path ways all around the neighborhoods. And leading right to the fairgrounds that sit in my back yard that’s why we bought the lot we did so we could ride our horses all around there now you’re telling me I am going to have a free way in my back yard how fair is that we did our part we checked into the where a bouts of the highway before we bought we have worked 2 and 3 jobs trying to pay for the land and home for 14 years now, But Syracuse went and made a park where the highway was suppose to go and they keep letting places being built because the assume that they can have my land before its even been decided upon. , it needs to stop. Now they want to put it right down the middle of my land dividing it in two pieces my sanctuary. With one halve of my land on one side of the freeway land locked and then there is the piece with my home on it there will be a freeway right where my garden and barn is. 200 or so feet from my back door I ask you the public the city is this fair Syracuse you guys are being dishonest. We did are part we checked before we built now the city wants us just to give up without crying It’s not fair where are the suppose to go with all their animal because they just don’t make homes with land on them any more we have very unique homes that you cannot replace. place save our homes we all enjoy our homes and work hard for them make Syracuse do the right thing, put it back where it was suppose to go in the first place acres or take it around the lake we did what we supposed to do we checked with the city before we build our home and bought our land, this is wrong Syracuse city. And now we have our neighbors whose home burnt to the ground they don’t even want to build it up again but they have to because of insurance’s Syracuse city do the right thing don’t take our land it’s not fair we checked with you guys you gave us all the right answers now look at what you want to do. We do not want this freeway it will cause congestion in our small town and divide the town in two, plus there is very little room for all our animals now and a free space for our furture children to play dont take what little bit of freedone left away from our kids. Thanks
July 04, 2013
I am so saddened by the Chambers support of this freeway in our beautiful community. As it is proposed, this is an ELEVATED freeway with NO billboard restrictions, NO speed restrictions, NO noise restrictions, NO light restrictions. I am so disappointed that our Chamber sees this a positive for our community. It will cost tax payers $600 million and is projected to only be at 20% capacity in the year 2040. This is fiscally irresponsible. If this road is approved it will be a sad day in Davis County.
July 04, 2013
This is a link to the Davis Chamber of Commerce Golf Committee... in their own words "Each year the Chamber hosts a Golf Tournament as a fundraising event for the Chamber. This event gives businesses an opportunity to reach other business decision makers by sponsoring or participating as a player."

So, the chamber actually receives money they depend on from this golf tournament..could that be a conflict of interest as the preferred local route did NOT go by the golf course which is located by the headquarters of the Davis County chamber of commerce?
July 04, 2013
I would like to know if there are any conflicts of interests with the Davis County Chamber of Commerce with this POTENTIAL corridor. For example, how many of Davis Chamber of Commerce are private members of the 381 equity members of the Oakridge Country Club whose representative attorney threatened to sue UDOT if the corridor went through Shepard Lane? Or how many, if not members, are allowed access to this privately owned club? How many of the Chamber of Commerce are commercial or residential land developers, real estate agents, or have economic vested interests in this corridor going through as currently planned? There are more ways to grow an economy than building this freeway and more ways to reduce congestion. Why is this decision "sound" when it proposes to go through Farmington, when even UDOT concedes Farmington will NEVER need this corridor and the only thing it will contribute to Farmington is pollution, higher taxes, and maintenance responsibilities? Mass transit addresses the pollution issues; not this freeway, and especially not this freeway in the Farmington community who has no need for it. Yes, the Chamber supports it; but many in the community openly oppose this freeway. The public needs to be aware of that. Endorsements from a committee with economic agendas do not represent the community, nor their best interests.
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