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Zoos provide essential learning for all
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Dear Editor: 

Imagine a world where endangered animals can thrive. Now try to picture important lessons being taught to youth in a fun way. After that, think of a place where families bond and important research is done. Now here is the hard part, try to put all three of those situations together on one small plot of land. Can it be done? Believe it or not, it can! 

Did a discovery just take place? Should the governments be called and informed about this new and exciting idea? No, because this place already exists in many locations all over the world, and chances are, there is one near you. This place even has a name. It is called a zoo, and it is a great thing for people and animals. 

This essay shows the ways that zoos teach, provide quality recreation, and their research assists greatly in endangered species preservation. This essay proves without a doubt, that zoos should continue to exist. 

To begin, zoos are a useful place to teach visitors about nature. In an article by Andrea Rumbaugh, she speaks about how zoos teach visitors about nature and animals. She goes on to talk about a study that was done. She states, “Sixty-one percent of zoo visitors were still able to talk about what they learned at the zoo 11 months later.” (Rumbaugh 1). 

As a rule, if both of these evidences emphasize how much people learn at the zoos, then zoos must be beneficial. They probably assist in informing generations of people, so that they want to conserve. This is not only good for animals and habitat, but for peoples' descendants who, because of our efforts, are able to see the wondrous and amazing life on planet earth. The world needs zoos. This is the first reason that zoos should continue to exist. 

Continuing, zoos are an excellent place for recreation. According to an article from the Saint Louis zoo, "Zoos are a place where families can have unique experiences together every time they visit.” As a rule, if families are coming to the zoos, then the zoo must be a good form of recreation. People will not come to places that are not enjoyable, or boring. That would be absurd. However, the article hints that people and families are coming back. This shows why zoos are such great recreational environments, and why they should be supported. 

Finally, zoos help in endangered species efforts. The same article by the Saint Louis Zoo that is quoted above states, “Zoos research behavior, reproductive biology...and genetics.” As a rule, if zoos are studying ways to bring animal populations up, then they are saving animal populations. They are doing exactly what the animals need, therefore, it is wrong to shut them down. The research that happens at zoos is the way that generations of healthy animals can live on. It is also the way that this generations’ descendants can see several beautiful and diverse species for many years more. This is the right thing to do. This is why zoos should continue to do what they are doing, without being shut down. 

On the other hand, zoos are not perfect. They do occasionally not treat the animals correctly. This has some merit because it is wrong to treat animals incorrectly. However, zoos today have tight regulations that prevent this from happening. Primitive zoos, and even fairly recent zoos may have offered bad conditions, but zoos today attempt to the best of their abilities to recreate the same situations that the animals face in the wild. This shows that although there are claims for the opposing side, they are weak, while the claims to keep zoos are heavily supported with loads of evidence. 

To sum up, zoos should continue to operate. This is because they teach people about conservation, they are valuable recreation, and they provide essential research to help endangered species. These three reasons alone show why zoos should stay, but there are even more reasons that this essay did not discuss. Remember the place imagined in the beginning? It can continue to exist, if people help out. These breathtaking animals can be protected. People can learn about protecting the world in a fun and enjoyable way. Please help these places to achieve these goals. Go to a local zoo and defend it and others just like it across the world. Zoos can be protected! 



North Salt Lake

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