BBQ at St. Olaf parish raises funds for charity

by Jenniffer WARDELL

BOUNTIFUL—It’s a chance to enjoy some good food and help out the community.

The Bountiful chapter of the Ladies of Charity will hold their annual barbeque June 3 from noon to 2 p.m. at St. Olaf’s McNamara Center in Bountiful. The event will include food, prize drawings, a children’s fishing pond, and more.

“It’s our main fundraiser for the year,” said Bobby Earl, president of the Bountiful chapter of the Ladies of Charity.

Grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, salad and drinks will be served. Those who are interested can purchase tickets to a “Meat Lovers” prize drawing, which will be $10 each. The prizes will be $250, $150, and $100 gift certificates to Don’s Meats in Centerville.

In addition to activities for the community, the group will also take the time out to appreciate one of their members.

“This year we’re going to honor Sister Germaine Sarrizen, who’s been a member of the group for 60 years,” said Earl.

Proceeds from the barbeque will benefit the group’s Center of Hope, located at 18 S. 130 East in North Salt Lake. The facility is open the second Saturday of every month, and can be reached by calling 801-706-3101.

“If anyone in this area needs food, please come see us,” she said.

The Ladies of Charity is an international organization founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 17th century France to respond to the needs of the poor. The group has continued that mission ever since.

“We’ve been going on for 400 years,” she said.

Tickets to the barbeque are $10 per person and $25 per family. They can be purchased at the door the day of the event. The children’s fishing pond is included in the prices of admission.

St. Olaf’s McNamara Center is located at 1800 S. Orchard Drive in Bountiful. Parking is available nearby.

For details about the national Ladies of Charity organization, visit


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