Lee Strobel to speak on miracles

By Jenniffer WARDELL jwardell@davisclipper.com

CENTERVILLE— Bestselling Christian author Lee Strobel is taking a closer look at miracles. The Bridge Community in Centerville will host a special live simulcast event featuring the author on March 14 from 8-9:30 p.m. at their regular meeting location. The event will focus on Strobel’s latest book, “The Case for Miracles,” which will be released later this month. “When the gospels report supernatural events, they aren’t introduced with ‘Once upon a time,’” said Strobel. “Rather, they’re reported in sober language, with specificity and within a historical context that can be checked out.” In the book, journalist Strobel takes a closer look at the phenomenon of miracles and examines whether or not they can be explained by scientific means. Though he initially begins with an interview that seems to discredit the entire concept of miracles, he follows that with several interviews from people all over the united states of their own personal experiences with the miraculous. “I went to a psychologist friend and said if 500 people claimed to see Jesus after he died, it was just a hallucination,” said Strobel. “He said hallucinations are an individual event. If 500 people have the same hallucination, that’s a bigger miracle than the resurrection.” The book doesn’t stop at simply relating these miraculous stories, however. He looks at scientific polling on the frequency of miraculous events, and scientific journal entries about related phenomena. He also talks to a variety of scholars and scientists about the issue. “Christianity invites investigation,” he said. “The apostle Paul said if you can show that the miracle of the resurrection is mythology, make believe, a mistake a legend or a fairy tale, then you are justified to abandon the faith.” Contrary to what the skeptic says at the beginning of the book, Strobel found that the research and investigations weren’t able to find a naturalistic reason for the miraculous events recounted. “Any good scientist will tell you there is one important rule: follow the evidence wherever it leads you,” he said. “Good science is objective – that means it looks only at the evidence, even if the evidence points to something we don’t want to believe.” In fact, Strobel said that this type of deep investigation is what converted him in the first place. “It was the evidence from science and history that prompted me to abandon my atheism and become a Christian,” he said. “Christian faith is not an irrational leap. Examined objectively, the claims of the Bible are rational propositions well supported by reason and evidence.” The book also explores the question of why miracles sometimes don’t happen, and why a God who is capable of miraculous things still allows suffering in the world. “He can even use the bad things of life to bring about his ultimate purposes and ends,” he said. “That doesn’t mean those things aren’t bad – they really are bad. But they’re all within the sovereignty of God. Even good can come out of evil.” Admission is free, and everyone is welcome. The Bridge Community is located at 260 E. Pages Lane in Centerville.


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