Last chances to experience Sundance Film Festival ‘18

by Jenniffer WARDELL

Sundance is right around the corner, but there’s still time to get involved.

This year’s Sundance Film Festival is running Jan. 18-28, and even though many of the tickets have been sold out there’s still plenty of opportunities for fun left. From soaking in the ambiance to snagging tickets to one of the festival’s free screenings, all it takes is a little planning and persistence to get your own taste of Sundance.

Buying last-minute tickets

If you missed the locals only sale, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve missed your last chance for tickets. Individual tickets are now on sale at (click on the tickets link at the top of the page). Tickets are $20 to $25 each, and will be available until they’re sold out.

Since this is the last sale before the festival many of the most buzzed-about movies are already full. Because of that, now’s the time to explore the documentary section and some of the short film collections shown by the festival.  Both are less likely to hit theaters than the movies with big Hollywood names – especially the short films – but deliver stories that can be just as gripping.


If you have your heart set on a particular show, however, you might want to head to the e-waitlist. The easiest way to do that is to download the Sundance 2018 app, available for a variety of platforms. In order to get on the list, you have to create an account through and log in through the app. Sadly, e-waitlist tickets aren’t guaranteed, and you need to be at the theater at least a half hour early if you want any chance of snagging one.

The e-waitlist is also the best way to try your hand at one of the fest’s free screenings, set for Jan. 20, 21, 25, 26 and 27. The screening will be held at Tower Theatre in Salt Lake on Jan. 21 and 25, and at the Park Avenue Theatre in Park City the rest of the days. The films shown will be dependent on the most popular films at the festival up to that point, and will be announced just before the screenings actually happen.

Follow the stream

Even if you don’t dare venture up to Park City, it’s still possible to get a taste of the downtown festival experience. The festival’s opening press conference, set for Jan. 18 starting at 1 p.m., will be viewable via livestream at Various other panels throughout the festival will be livestreamed as well. For the complete list of panels and times, visit

A musical touch

Though it’s not announced on the official Sundance site, the festival’s musical entries will once again make it all the way down to the valley. This year’s Sundance Cafe will be held at Copper Common, a bar and restaurant located at 111 Broadway, Suite 190, in Salt Lake City. Two bands will play nightly at the restaurant through the entire run of the festival, one at 5:30 p.m. and one at 8 p.m.

This year’s lineup of performers include Vincent Draper and The Culls, Mary Tebbs, Morgan Snow, Andrew Shaw, Will Baxter Band and more. For a complete list of this year’s performers, visit 15.

(Photo © 2017 Sundance Institute | photo by Jonathan Hickerson)


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