Wildcats and Braves to play ‘Gold Game’ fundraiser

WOODS CROSS—When the Woods Cross and Bountiful softball teams play one another on Thursday, May 10, they’ll also be playing for a cause.

Woods Cross coach Casey Plowman is calling it the “Gold Game,” and it’s a benefit for Woods Cross High student Kaiden Sudbury, a sophomore who went in for surgery on May 2 who has battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia since the age of 5. Though she went into remission in 2010, a health problem reoccurred early this year.

“At the start of January, Kaiden was having extreme pain in her legs, making it so she couldn’t get out of bed, walk, run, and even attend school,” the coach wrote in a letter to both teams and the community. “She had a scan done and it showed that the bone in her shins were dying. Kaidan, again, being the champion, continues to fight. Kaidan had more scans done and her legs are getting worse–it is now up to her thighs.”

So Plowman organized the “Gold Game.”

“Gold represents kid’s cancer, and this game is specific to kid’s cancer. All the money that we will raise will go directly to CureSearch. Not only is this a softball competition, but is also a competition on money raised by each school. Bountiful has the same letter, but their website directs them to their own page. That way we can see how much each school has collected.”

Both schools have set up places on their websites for donations. Though the competition is friendly, the cause is serious—to help raise money to fight for a cure for kid’s cancer.

The Clipper will follow up with a story on the campaign and on Kaiden’s health in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please consider donating to the team of your choice at their respective school websites.


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